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Storage Shed Building Tips - Build Your Shed Right the First Time


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The following storage shed building tips will help you easily build the perfect shed.

Building Codes and Ordinances - One of the best ways to ensure a smooth construction process is to check with your local building code and zoning ordinance department. They will give you all of the information you need to build your storage shed. Ask about special restrictions and permits required. Don't overlook this step! You don't want to have to tear down your newly built shed because you didn't take a few minutes to make this crucial phone call.

Your Homeowner's Association - Ask your homeowner's association (if you have one) for storage shed building tips, including any restrictions in regards to setback, dimensions, and design. Submit your storage shed plans to your homeowner's association and get their approval in writing. That way you have proof of your approval should an issue ever arise.

What Will You Use Your Shed For? - One of the most important first decisions you should make before building a storage shed is to define the purpose of your shed. Make sure your shed will meet your needs and that the dimensions of your shed are large enough to accommodate your purpose.

What “Look" Do You Want? - Would you rather build a shed that matches your home or do you want a shed that stands out? Do you like the look of a barn shed or a shed that looks like a miniature house?

Get Construction Education - Before you start construction, get educated on storage shed building tips and construction terminology, especially when building from scratch using shed plans. “Know" what you are doing before you do it. Never guess!

Make Sure You Have the Proper Tools - Storage shed plans and instructions usually give you a list of tools needed, including a level, chalk line, rafter square, power miter saw, jig saw, hammer, handsaw, tape measure, drill, reciprocating saw, and more. Always use the recommended tools when building a storage shed.

Safety is Important - Many people get excited to start construction on their storage shed and neglect to think about safety, but following safety procedures is vital. Storage shed building tips for safety include following the safety recommendations of the manufacturers, providing proper supports when using power tools and saws, pulling back your hair if it is long, avoiding wearing jewelry and loose clothing, and wearing eye protection during the entire construction process.

Low Cost Building Materials - You can find cheap or even free building materials if you are flexible about what you are willing to use to build your shed. Look at the clearance and returns area of your nearest home improvement store or lumberyard. Head for the customer service counter and ask if there are any unadvertised bargains. For free building materials, look at what people are throwing out on garbage pickup days. You would be surprised and some of the good things people put out for pick up. Many times, you will find doors, windows, and hardware that people have thrown out, sometimes just needing a little paint or repair. However, keep the above storage shed building tip in mind and make sure your materials are safe. Don't use unsafe building materials just because they are inexpensive or free.

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Building A Storage Shed-2 Vital Factors You Can't Ignore
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