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Treadmill Cabinets


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If you're fed up with your exercise equipment making your home look a mess there is a solution - treadmill cabinets. These are lovely pieces of furniture that will safely enclose your equipment and make your house look like a home again.

There are 3 different solutions that you can take if you want to install a treadmill cabinet. The first is to get an all-inclusive pack. The second is to buy a stand-alone cabinet. The third is the DIY route.

There are a select number of companies that supply an all-in-one treadmill cabinet. They come complete with a foldup treadmill so you know that everything is going to fit nicely. Hammacher have a unit that also has a weights bench and two sets of chrome weights. Essentially, it's a complete home gym that can be packed away. The stylish armoire cabinet would suit a classic-styled house or office. At the end of your workout everything packs away neatly. This is a top of the range furniture solution and comes with a price tag around $3,000.

If you are looking for something a little less expensive you can get a stand-alone cabinet. These are available within the price range of $400-500. These do not come with a treadmill so you will need to take very careful measurements to make sure that the treadmill you have in mind will fit. Typically these cabinets are around 90 inches tall, 42 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Just ensure that your foldup treadmill will fit into this space.

The final option is the DIY route. If you're handy you can quite easily put together a cabinet to cover your treadmill. The big advantage of making it yourself is that you can make it to the exact size and shape of your treadmill. Although some treadmills are advertised as being fold up, the footprint can still be large when considering a cabinet. For instance, Pacemaster have an excellent quality fold up model but the depth is still 28 inches. You can accommodate this if you choose to build your treadmill cabinet yourself.

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