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Things To Consider When Moving

Jason Kay

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Moving is usually stressful, and even under the best of circumstances and planning, there is always a glitch. The more notice there is, the easier the planning will be and it is more likely that any potential issues can be addressed before they become emergencies.

The first step is to decide what parts of the move you will handle and if you will enlist friends, professionals, and/or other family. There are plenty of options to make certain that the move runs smoothly, with no casualties.

Packing the items you plan to take offers an excellent opportunity to repurpose items, have a garage sale, give to charity, or plain throw things out. If you haven't used it in the past three months, then you probably don't need it. Spend time to sort through the items and decide what to do with them, and once you complete that task you will have a better idea of what needs to be packed and moved. It is important to be accurate about what you will be taking because it will determine either what size moving truck you will need or what the movers will charge.

If you plan pack your things and move them yourself then it is best to find or purchase boxes that have not housed food or been around food, since the scent may attract bugs, insects, or rodents. If you are not in a position to purchase boxes for everything that needs to move then go to the local liquor, book, or automotive store and speak to the manager. Usually, these stores dispose of their boxes and they are happy to save the time of cutting them up by having someone else take them away. The reason for choosing these types of stores is because their merchandise is generally heavy so it will easily accommodate your household items.

It is important to spend the money on boxes for certain items. Computers, electronics, and televisions, need to be securely packaged to ensure that no damage occurs. Most local mail stores or truck rental facilities sell boxes and bubble wrap specifically made for the size and specs of most models of electronics. Another convenience is wardrobe boxes. These are also available at the local storage or truck rental facility. Wardrobe boxes are large boxes with a metal bar across the top to hang clothes on. If you have a large amount of clothing you may want to purchase an extension rod to hang in the truck or even a car hanging device that is made for the back seat of a regular car.

If this all seems overwhelming, don't despair, there are packing services that will come in and pack each and every item in your home. Full service movers will also offer packing as a service. If you choose a packing service make sure you allow for at least one day in between either loading up the truck or the actual movers coming. The bonus with a packing service is that they will, for a fee, provide the boxes, the packing material, and the labor. The bad news is that often the packing services need to be booked well in advance and they can be pricey. It is imperative to get references, investigate if the company is insured and with whom, and look on the web to see if there are any reviews, complaints or negative press about the service. You can also inquire with the local police to make sure they have no claims of theft.

If you can handle the packing part on your own then you may be in the market for movers. There are two different types of movers. There is the full service mover which will offer everything from packing to loading your items and delivering them to your new home. Moving companies should be vested, insured, and bonded. It is important that you ask about their driving record, if they do criminal background checks before hiring, what is the contingency policy if they are late, and what they offer with the move itself. It is also important to know if they bill by the hour or by the job.

Most movers bill by the hour. The moving company should send a representative to your home to survey what you have and how long they expect the job to take. While the representative is there, it is wise to ask what happens if their estimate is severely off. Since you are paying by the hour you may want to know how they monitor their breaks and if you are charged hours plus mileage during drive time. As long as you have all the details and the facts up front, the move should prove to be virtually pain free. Of course, as with the packing services, you must check references, driving records, and with the local police department in their town of origin, the town you are in and where you are going. You have spent time and money collecting, making, earning, and buying your possessions over the years and you want to make sure the people responsible for their transport take special care with them.

The second type of moving company is mostly a driving company. There are companies that will allow you to load the truck and they will simply drive it from point A to point B. These services work well, but in order to be affordable they often combine more than one household of goods, so it is important to take a complete inventory and have the driver sign off and agree that he has loaded x number of boxes, beds, and so on.

Once you have secured transportation for your personal items you may want to think about pets and personal vehicles. If you are moving locally, you can bring the animals over after all of the items have been unloaded. If your pets have been in need of grooming or checkups you may want to drop them off on moving day to keep them secure and out of he way. In the case of a local move you can certainly drive you own car.

If you are moving a long distance or cross country you may want to keep the animals with you to ensure safe transport it my also bring a sense of security to drive your car. If you are planning to fly, there are transport services that will pick up your car and drive it to your destination. Transportation services will generally charge a flat rate and that will save you on gas and your car on mileage. It is important to write down the beginning and ending miles just to avoid any discrepancy.

There are a plethora of ideas, information, and options. Whatever route you decide to take the key to a successful move is not to procrastinate and be sure to get multiple prices before making a decision. Remember there is no place like home.

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