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Free Truck And Driver Drives Sales


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The use of a free truck and driver is a popular program that is sometimes provided by a self storage facility owned by a property management company. This is a useful service that is particularly popular in larger cities throughout the United States.

A lot of people that live in big cities do not know how to drive an automobile. Driving can be tedious, with a lot of time spent in traffic jams, and parking a car can cost a fortune. So they rely on taxis, public transportation, and their own two feet to get wherever they need to go. Since they do not possess a license to drive they are unable to rent a truck from a property management company on moving day. This causes a huge dilemma when it comes to putting their belongings into a self storage facility.

When a self storage facility offers a free truck and a driver it is with a few stipulations set by the property management company. First, anyone that is interested can schedule the use of it only after they have completed all of their paperwork and have paid for a unit at the property management company. The free program is available by appointment only, so anyone not planning ahead and thinking they can get the free truck immediately is usually out of luck.

Next, the service can only be used by the new customer for moving into their storage unit. The self storage facility owned by the property management company is not interested in helping anyone to move out of their place of business.

The property management company usually requires that anyone using the free truck and driver live within a ten or fifteen mile radius of the location to be eligible for the service. To someone living in a small town this does not sound like many people would qualify. But large cities are densely populated in a small amount of area, with thousands of people working and living in nearby skyscrapers and high rise apartment buildings.

The new self storage facility customer is usually given about two hours to load the truck, follow it back to the self storage facility, and then unload the truck. This allows more people to take advantage of this popular service from the property management company. If someone does go over their allotted time they are charged a hefty fee by the property management company that they are well aware of before the move ever takes place.

For insurance purposes the driver cannot help load or unload the truck. Customers cannot ride inside of the truck for the same reason. This helps to keep costs down so that the property management company is able to continue to provide this popular service.

The new self storage facility customer is only permitted one trip with the free truck and driver, so they really need to make the best use of their allotted time. Most people arrange to have friends and family available to quickly load up their big items onto the free truck and then follow it back to the self storage facility to unload. The tenant can always move smaller items and boxes at a later time.

A free truck and driver is a very beneficial service that is provided by some big city self storage and property management company places. This service works well for the self storage facility, the property management company and their new customer. It aids the new renter in getting their things to the self storage facility, and it helps the self storage facility gain new tenants. A free move in service is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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