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Steel Building Components - The Evolution of Construction

Mike Zhmudikov

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A rising demand

The use of steel building components in construction is increasingly becoming the trend. In today’s day and age of fast and quality work, steel proves to be the best answer and is overshadowing the earlier used building materials such as wood, lumber and concrete. But what accounts for this increasing popularity of steel building components? Can an affordable price and strength be the only factors resulting in this preference? We’ll try and answer that for you…

Investigating the reason for the rising trend

A minute scrutiny of places where steel building components are in maximum demand reveals some interesting aspects. For example, Texas has born the brunt of several natural calamities and wants a building material that is not just sturdy but durable too. Hence, steel buildings are very common in Texas. Also, the use of steel building components helps save time, money and labor.

The use of building material such as wood leaves behind a lot of residual waste. Carpentering, further treatment, installation results in a lot of waste that cannot be re-used in most cases. Use of steel components suffers from no such disadvantages. Coming at an affordable price, steel building components need no further treatment and can also be reused, hence saving time, money and labor.

The next question is that all the aforementioned qualities are available in metal building components also which were, in fact, used before steel was used. Then why is steel chosen over metal? The answer lies in the fact that iron components get corroded when subjected to air and water over a period of time while steel does not.

Yet another advantage which steel enjoys over other materials is that steel buildings can be pre-fabricated. That is, steel building components can be prepared in the factory itself, thereby reducing labor cost and installation cost to zero. Prefabricated buildings provide the luxury of deciding upon the design and style of the buildings beforehand. Steel, being strong and durable, can be used in buildings requiring very high ceilings and can be prefabricated accordingly.

Steel: The superior building material

Steel building components have several benefits over other building materials. This makes steel the preferred material when it comes to constructing high-quality, durable, modern buildings.

* Steel buildings require low maintenance once constructed.

* All the steel material used is recyclable, making steel building components environment-friendly.

* Steel building components are 100% non-combustible.

Another feature is that steel is insect-resistant, which makes it more durable.

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