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Guidelines to Choose Gun Safes

Leah Spencer

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Gun safes are important especially for those who possess firearms, since there is a risk of facing a liability in the event of firearms theft. Choosing a gun safe based on the individual’s requirements isn’t an easy task either. The buyer of a gun safe has a vast range of designs and manufacturers available in the market whose marketing claims can’t be validated easily. Here’s a guide to assist the buyers in choosing gun safes with right features and at the right price as expected by them.

Size of the gun safe and space of its interiors

In terms of capacity, bigger the capacity of the gun safe, the better it is. There exists a common misconception among the buyers that larger the safe, the heavier it is. Similar to a waterbed or refrigerator, the safe’s square inches enable to spread the weight uniformly on the floor and stairs. The buyer should not restrict himself in buying a gun safe with a capacity which is similar or slighter higher to his requirements. This enables him to insert a tiny document safe for electronic files and crucial papers, while including additional handguns along with the case or in an accessory rack etc. This also eliminates the chance of buying an additional safe which is a costlier deal than buying a safe with more capacity at the first buy itself.

Difference between Gun Cabinet and Gun Safe

Though there isn’t specific definition to differentiate between a gun safe and gun cabinet, gun safe is always something which any normal person can’t access or breakthrough easily. In a gun safe, the walls are very thick and made of steel which can be penetrated only through power tools. But still, only in rare cases, individual have technical expertise to trounce a safe. A typical gun safe will contain fire-resistant liner and also ahs electronic or dial lock along with the keys. A normal gun safe will weigh not less than 200 hundred pounds while a gun cabinet weighs 50 pounds or slightly higher.


Live Bolts – One of the key characteristics of any live bolt is that it moves along with the turn of handle to the unlocked door. Live bolts are used in higher end safes typically with a minimum of two bolts on the bottom and top of the door. It doesn’t mean that live bolts are superior to dead bolts in terms of protection, but only live bolts can be used on side of the door which is not hinged.

Dead Bolts - The key feature of a dead bolt is that being just a protrusion metal it prevents opening of the safe’s door. Since dead bolts are static they prevent opening of doors in event of hinges being cut off from the door.

Size, Number and Positioning of Bolts - Higher the expenditure on live bolts, higher is the number of live bolts that can be purchased. Apart from this, thicker bolts can also be purchased with that money. But there’s a common misconception on the amount of money spent on bolts is proportional to the incremental protection that may come. In fact, dead bolts function in a manner similar to what live bolts offer in the hinge side of the door. It is desirable to have at least 4 deadbolts at the hinge side of the safe’s door to ensure optimum protection.

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