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Make Your Doors Safer for Better Home Security


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Many homeowners believe that once they install a home security system in their homes, they are finished with home security. They think that their home security system will now prevent them from ever becoming a victim of burglary. While it is true that having an alarm system installed decreases your odds of getting burglarized, it is still to your benefit to make sure you are security conscious in other parts of your life as well. For example, you should ensure that your doors have the best security features money can buy so that if your security system fails for any reason, burglars would still not be able to get inside. Here are some ways to beef up your door security.

Hinges. If you have a door that opens to the outside, you might have hinges that are exposed to would-be burglars. Even if you have the strongest door in the world, it won’t do you much good if the burglar can simply remove the hinge pins and lift the door out of the frame. You can solve this problem by screwing a lag bolt into the frame side of each hinge and drilling out a hole to let the bolt enter when the door is closed.

Peep holes. All exterior doors should be equipped with a peep hole so that you can see who is at your door without you having to open it. The peep hole should include a wide-angled lens that gives you a clear view of your entire porch.

Spring latch locks. These locks should be avoided at all costs. They can be compromised by a simple credit card or knife. If your doors have these locks on them, it is definitely time to upgrade.

Deadbolt locks. These locks are the most common type of security lock for exterior doors. Just be sure that the bolt extends a minimum of one inch from the door’s edge. The screws that hold the lock on should be on the inside of the door. The strike plate should be screwed to the door frame with three-inch screws. Finally, the cylinder should have a steel guard surrounding the key section.

Single cylinder deadbolt. This is a lock that requires a key from the outside, but can be turned by a knob on the inside.

Double cylinder deadbolt. This is a lock that requires a key from both the outside and the inside of the door. This type is far more secure than a single cylinder deadbolt, but is also more of a pain to operate.

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