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Is an Alarm System Really Necessary?


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Some people think that alarm systems probably do not do much to decrease the incidences of burglary. The idea behind home security systems is that a burglary will likely move on to an unprotected home if he comes across a house that does have an alarm system installed. It is also thought by some experts that burglars do not stay in a house with an alarm system nearly as long as they do in one that does not have one. This could possibly lessen the damage inflicted on the homeowner because fewer things can be taken.

However, the actual benefit of a home security system is highly dependent upon the kind of system you get. Just as it does absolutely no good to put in security doors with heavy duty dead bolt locks if you leave your windows wide open. If you select an alarm system that provides only limited features, you might as well not have one at all.

To begin with, there are two main kinds of alarm systems to choose from: unmonitored and monitored. Unmonitored systems are generally cheaper than monitored systems and for good reason. If your alarm goes off and no one is around to hear it, what good is it? Most burglaries occur when homeowners are away from home. This means that unless your neighbors hear your alarm going off and decide to take action by calling the police, your house is as unprotected as it would be without an alarm system at all.

Monitored systems, on the other hand, are significantly more expensive but they are far more effective as well. These systems usually have to be installed by a professional because they are more complex than unmonitored systems. They require the installation of separate zones and usually separate keypads. Then, the monitoring component has to be established and verified. Homeowners typically pay more for both the equipment and installation of a monitored system. In addition, they are also required to pay for monthly monitoring.

The best part about monitored systems is that someone is “watching” your system 24 hours a day. If the alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will attempt to reach you first to verify that the alarm is real and not a false alarm. If the company reaches you and you let them know the alarm is real or if they are unable to reach you at all, the company will contact the police. In this case, you will find that having an alarm system, as long as it is the right one, is absolutely necessary.

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What You Need to Know About Installing a Home Alarm System
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