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Fire Alarm Services Protect Homes And Save Lives


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A lot of people delude themselves with the idea that smoke alarms are all they need to protect themselves from fire, even though there have been countless incidents in which homes that only had smoke alarms were completely destroyed by fire. Fire alarm systems offer astronomically higher levels of security and value. Among their other drawbacks, smoke alarms are powered by batteries that even the most conscientious homeowner might forget to test periodically, allowing the batteries to die. And what good does a blaring smoke alarm do if you and your family aren't home to hear it?

While the seemingly high price of a good fire alarm system may seem prohibitive, homeowners should take into account just how much value they are getting for their money. While installation may run upwards of a thousand dollars, the savings will prove to be incalculable if an actual fire occurs and one's property - not to mention one's life and the lives of others - are spared.

You may read stories of house fires, see them on the news, and think “It could never happen to me. " The truth is, it could happen to anyone, at any time, and those with fire alarm systems have the best chance of getting out alive and preserving their possessions.

When a fire alarm system is activated, technicians are alerted remotely to the presence of fire and contact the nearest firehouse; they will also call an ambulance if need be. Since people often panic when a fire happens to them, it pays to let the cooler heads of fire protection service technicians prevail.

Fire alarm systems are equipped with monitoring devices that provide remote access to emergency technicians that work for the company providing the system. Wires connect heat detectors and smoke alarms to a central control system that serves as the brains of the operation. While the systems are powered by house electricity, it is standard for companies to include generators that can function for 24 hours or more in the event of a power outage.

When shopping for fire alarm systems, it is important to find a trustworthy, reliable company. Do not rely on word of mouth or testimonials. Your neighbor or friend may be happy with the service of a fire alarm system but that doesn't mean its right for you. Your best bet is to call National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association or visit their web site. They keep track of which companies are the most reliable and competent.

One of the many wonderful features of most fire alarm systems is that they also provide burglary protection. Essentially, you get two highly valuable service bundled into one, providing a tremendous amount of peace of mind for yourself and your family. If anything ever does happen, the services will more than pay for themselves. Fire alarm services are a prudent and economical investment for those who own their own homes.

Matthew Kerridge is an expert in fire safety. If you would like more information regarding fire alarm systems or are looking for a trusted fire alarm system intallation service please visit


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