How to Get an Accurate Roofing Quote

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Among the most important decisions you need to make as a homeowner on home improvement projects has to do with new roofing installation. A correctly installed roof has the ability to protect your home and everything else that is found inside from the elements in addition to shielding you from the extreme weather conditions. Using the leading Austin roofing contractors is the only guarantee you can give yourself that such a great investment will stand the test of time and give you value for your money. If you are going to ensure that you have the best quotes, talk to at least three different roofing companies Austin so you can compare what they are offering. Some of the most important elements that should be contained a quote from any commercial roofing contractor should include the following:

Materials list: It is an open secret that not all shingles are created equal and even materials such as slate can vary widely in cost and quality, so be sure that you get an itemized list of all the products your asphalt roofing company intends to use from the shingles themselves to the kind of nails they'll install. Look for name brands, sizes, weights and other significant details so that you can fairly compare estimates. Roof decking materials, insulation and other factors can substantially change the price of an estimate and as a result, ask questions if one estimate uses materials that are substantially different than those other companies recommended. Also ask about the manufacturers’ warranties on the products; those with longer warranties will generally last longer.

Time and labor estimates: There are cases where you may find that two Austin roofing companies have estimated that it will take them for days to do roof installation; however, don’t assume that you will be getting the same amount of labor from them since there are those that work an 8 hour shift while others do a 10 hour shift. You also want to find out whether either asphalt roofing company will be splitting their time between different jobs and whether they will be assigning professional, licensed installers to do the installation or if they will be subcontracting some of the work to temporary laborers.

Clean up and disposal: The most reputable roofing companies Austin will ensure that they have cleaned up after themselves; you don’t want to come home to a gorgeous new roof but your yard is littered with wrappers from shingles or shakes, nails and old felt while the installers have left believing that they have completed their job and left. To avoid this, make sure every quote you receive from Austin roofing companies includes the cost for clean-up and disposal of all old materials and any scrap or excess new products left over from the installation.

Once you have carefully compared quotes from different Austin roofing contractors and still aren't sure which to go with, ask for referrals and contact them. Also ask friends and relatives in the area if they are satisfied with their roof and who did the work for them.


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