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How to Tell a Roof Cleaning Fraud

Kamil Jain

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The world would be a nice place to live in if every expert and professional could be trusted to do the right thing; whether it is a lawyer, a plumber, a pilot or even a roof cleaning expert. It is an open secret that trustworthy professionals and few and not easy to come across. Things may have been made worse by the state of the economy and unemployment which may be the main reason why you will find many unskilled people masquerading as roof cleaning contractors and they will do anything to get hold of your hard earned cash. However, with some little knowledge, you can easily be able to point out a pretender at the job or know when you are dealing with a professional no pressure roof cleaning expert; you don't want to become anyone's guinea pig.

Use of non-customized equipment: You should expect a reputable roof cleaning professional to know that using high-pressure washing machines should be completely avoided. This is because the high pressure will end up damaging the protective paint, coatings and granules and make the roof more vulnerable to damage. The trained professional knows how to deal with every kind of roof and they know how to apply low-pressure roof cleaning methods. You only need to check the equipment that your roof cleaning contractor comes with to tell the difference; expert roof cleaning professional don't use off-the-counter power washers. There are specially designed lower pressure washers that are effective; ask them that you see the equipment they are using and you will know the type of person you are dealing with.

Toxic or improper treatments: The sad thing is that this will happen more often than most homeowners will care to know about. There are unscrupulous roof cleaning contractors who use banned chemicals some of which are actually poisonous. While all the mass, algae and fungus or other debris needs to be removed, always make sure that they use the right treatment to do your work. Check for proper licensing for the concerned professional because many states will not license a person who is known to use toxic chemicals for roof cleaning.

Too aggressive: It doesn't matter how badly off your roof might be. The roof cleaning process uses different treatment solutions, sweeping, brushing, sweeping, air pressure or power wash ; an expert doesn't have to be too aggressive or they will damage the roof of your house. Being too aggressive with even the best tools or methods will cause more harm than good. Most amateurs falsely believe that a gentle roof wash will not work but nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases, the best soft roof wash method will involve both mechanical and chemical treatment.

About the author: This article is penned by Lora Davis for No Pressure Roof Cleaning. The company has developed a new method for roof cleaning that is a no pressure roof cleaning method that does not allow the fast growing of mildew on the roof. This roof wash methods is fast becoming the preferred way of roof cleaning for hundreds of homeowners in Florida and the neighboring states.


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