Tangible Benefits of Metal Roofing

Lora Davis

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If you are thinking about replacing your current roof or perhaps you are constructing a new home, you may want to consider metal roofing installation. Metal roofing installation has a number of benefits that most people don’t know about and they, therefore, end up missing out on the same. Some of the benefits you want to include the following:

Longevity: The initial costs associated with metal roofing installation are usually higher than the conventional asphalt shingle roofing installation; these costs can be made up over the course of time especially for those who plan to stay in the same home for a long time. Asphalt roofs almost always develop leaks that require repairs in addition to a complete replacement every 15 to 20 years which cannot be compared with a lifespan of over 50 years for metal roofing.

Energy efficient: During the hottest summers, metal roofing installation starts to pay dividends to homeowners in the name of reduced energy costs. Since a metal roof has highly reflective properties it ends up lowering cooling loads so that it keeps your air conditioner from working too hard to keep your home cool. Pre-pained and granular-coated metal roofing sheets will cool your home by reflecting solar energy as well as re-emitting most of the solar radiation that it absorbs.

Low weight: Unlike tile roofing installation where a heavy duty support structure is required, metal roofing installation doesn’t require such because they are light-weight. They are known to weight as low as 0.5 lbs. per foot compared to between 6 and 18 lbs. per square foot for roofing tiles. The low weight helps to preserve the structural integrity and life of the roof structure and your entire home.

Eco-friendly: It is estimated that Austin roofing contractors dump close to 20 billion lbs. of asphalt shingles into US landfills every single year. The best thing about metal roofing installation is that you don’t have to remove your current roof materials; it can be installed over any other roof and what’s more, metal roofing installation is an eco-friendly option because it can be manufactured from recycled materials and when it is removed it can still be recycled.

Rain harvesting: With the changing weather patterns and people experiencing more rains than they used to, homeowners who have done metal roofing installation have the added advantage of being able to harvest rainwater from their roofs. The smooth and clean surface of metal roofing sheets ensure that once the water has been harvested, there is less need of filtering than when you have the traditional asphalt shingles; asphalt shingle roofing installation usually casts off small particles of materials in addition to other chemicals that are found in the materials that are used in the installation. With metal roofing installation, you can be sure that you have a roof that will cost you a lifetime if you plan to live in the same house and even if you are going to sell it, the metal roof alone is enough to boost the curb value of your home.


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