Everything You Want To Know About Commercial Roof Coatings

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During construction, the roof accounts for about 10 percent of the cost of putting a new commercial, industrial or residential building; however, more often than not it is a major cause of some of the most significant problems and is high in matters of repair and maintenance. There are several structural, protective and mechanical systems that comprise a building’s protective system but once again the systems associated with the roof are usually the subject of a lot of distress. The biggest problem is that because the roof is almost always out of sight it easily becomes out of mind until it is too late; this informs the importance of thinking about commercial roof coating.

There are several types of commercial roof coating that can be used in the restoration, repair and maintenance of any kind of roof system; when applied correctly they have the potential of adding their value in the long-term program of roof maintenance. Any owner of a residential, commercial or industrial building should enquire about the availability of different varieties of commercial roof coating since they are available for all types of roofing materials. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about metal, concrete, single-ply or SPF roofing; with just a bit of research, you should be able to find the correct commercial roof coating that will suit your need.

There are varieties of commercial roof coating that can be used as part of the original roofing system or when you are re-roofing; there are still others that are used specifically for the maintenance of some specific roof systems and will come as part of the coating that is guaranteed under the manufacturer’s specifications. This means therefore that as far as commercial roof coating is concerned, you cannot really say that there is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation. Commercial roof coating is generally grouped into three distinct categories namely functional coatings, reflective coating and finally maintenance system coatings.

Functional coatings: The functional commercial roof coating system is the type that comes with fibered solvent-based asphalt and asphalt emulations; they are normally used to seal any minor imperfections on any underlying roof membrane in addition to providing protection from the elements.

Reflecting coatings: Also referred to as cool roof coatings, this is a class of commercial roof coating that is able to protect and also extend the lifespan of the roof system because it reflects solar ultraviolet radiation before the roof gets to absorb it as heat. There are a number of factors that may vary such as the regional and local climate as well as the building design, the reflecting commercial roof coating can actually reduce your building’s energy consumption and the cost for the owner of the building together and enhance the comfort of the occupants.

Maintenance coatings: The maintenance oriented commercial roof coating uses a combination of reinforcement fabrics and coatings to create a secondary waterproofing membrane that gets attached to the first one. This can be sued to significantly extend the lifespan of an existing Metal Roofing system and provide a renewable warranty from some manufacturers.


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