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Types of premium flooring to consider

Alex Falcone

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The type of flooring used in a project naturally makes a significant difference in the appearance and finishing of the project. A good looking floor could enhance the character of a house and can possibly attract customers as compared to tacky flooring.

Gone are the days when flooring is just something comfortable under your feet. There are a number of flooring solutions available in the market which are designed with specific needs in mind and also to be aesthetic. The new floors that are being made are not just floors but pieces of art. While there are a few specialty stores which offer only a specific kind of flooring solutions catering to niche markets, most flooring stores offer all kinds of flooring solutions.

The home decor market is flooded with options for types of flooring. The most popular flooring options include hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring and marble flooring.

The resilient floors are usually made of rubber or linoleum, sometimes wood and are generally used as dance floors and for athletic activities. Ceramic tiles, Terrazzo (marble) and mosaic are different kinds of hard flooring solutions that are offered. Hard flooring solutions is the most happening in the flooring solutions with new technologies emerging rapidly, glass flooring, ability to embed security materials and transparent LEDs inside the floors is now possible.

Choosing a right flooring option is a very important component of a beautiful home. There are two extremely popular choices when premium flooring is on mind. Hardwood flooring and laminate flooring are the two ways with which you can adorn you floor.

Hardwood flooring is 100% wood, it is authentically natural and it's making and has a long life. The quality of wood defines the price range of the flooring. Different kinds of wood like Mahogany, Teak are used. Hardwood floorings are elegant and expensive than their engineered counterpart.

Laminate flooring on the other hand are made up of many layers, these layers provide strength and protection from moisture. These are high density fiber – boards.

Some people prefer the hardwood floor so they usually get hesitated whether to bring laminate flooring or real hardwood flooring. Obviously, hardwood flooring is much better than laminate flooring because it has more durability and the defects aren't clearly visible in it. Here you are a few reasons why hardwood flooring is considered as the ideal solution:

- One reason is because hardwood floor can be repaired once it becomes damaged it can be simply sanded away with laminate flooring because the rest of the floor may buckle if just one part is replaced. Also, any marks or scratches will stay there forever as they can't get be sanded down.

  • - On the other hand, laminate flooring is weaker than hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood flooring has a better look in most people's opinions. Since it is real hardwood the floor is going to have no symmetrical design in it since wood it is natural. Laminate flooring has a very distinct pattern and people can easily make out that it is artificial.


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Cork Tiled Flooring is a Next-Generation in Flooring Systems For Homes
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