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Picking the Best Garage Door


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A quality garage door will provide security and will look good thus raising the value of the home. It will require little maintenance and will not present an inconvenience for the owner, either in its installation or in its daily use.

The homeowner who is shopping for a garage door is going to deal with many claims about different styles and materials. Some will claim that one material is best, and one particular style of door, and elsewhere the same opinions will be voiced about another type of door. The key for the homeowner is to have their priorities down and to know what they want from their garage door and how much they are willing to pay for it. This will require research on the qualities of various door types and materials as well as a knowledge of garage door prices.

Up & Over Garage Doors - While many materials can be used, these doors work best when fabricated from steel which is light and easy for an opening mechanism to lift if they are being used as a part of an electric garage door system.

It should be noted that while it is possible to install an electric door opener, this type of garage door is not ideal for that.

In most cases they are meant to be operated manually. Their main benefit is in appearance. Once these doors are open they are not obvious and will not detract from the appearance of a home. Unfortunately, this type of garage door is easy to dent and therefore may need to be replaced at some point if subjected to hard usage. Another drawback is that canopy garage doors are limited to spaces that are eight feet wide or under.

Another issue that some homeowners may find is that these doors need to be able swing out while opening and closing, thus presenting the possibility that a vehicle parked in the driveway could get hit if parked too close to the door.

Sectional Garage Doors - These consist of hinged panels that open and close via rails on either side of the door opening. Unlike up and over garage doors, sectional garage doors have no overhang, it is therefore possible to park a car close to them without fear of damage when the door opens and closes.

In addition to this, they can be used in garage door openings of any size, and are not limited in the way of up and over doors. Weather seals along the sides and bottom prevent the leakage of warm or cool air from within the house thus helping to save money on heating or cooling the house. The doors themselves come with different levels of insulation. It is usually best in the long run to opt for insulated sectional garage doors in order to save money on utility bills.

Roller Garage Doors - These consist of interlocking profiles that are pulled down from a spindle above the door opening. Usually fabricated from steel, roller garage doors are good for security as it is difficult to force entry with the use of prying tools like crowbars and it is also possible to insulate them. There is no overhang as with an up and over door and they do are not limited to eight foot door openings. They also do not need the rails that are necessary with sectional garage doors . Finally, garage roller doors are very cost effective and perfect for homeowners on a budget.


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What to Consider When Looking For Garage Door Repair
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