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Remodeling-Renovation Shows Encourage Large Projects


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Getting good home improvement ideas from experts can be an excellent idea, if the advice and tips can be put to use within a realistic budget. Those who are relatively new to the home renovation world should be aware that there can be some danger in getting information from the various home improvement shows and Web information.

According to some observers of the renovation/remodelling scene, shows in North America are encouraging Canadian residents, for example, to shoot for the renovation they have always dreamed about, without the necessary caution about staying in “financial reality. " One survey found that nearly 30 percent of those who start a home remodelling project spend considerably more than they planned to. This same information indicates that, fortunately, well over half of homeowners develop a solid budget and stay within the original guidelines.

Most homeowners who start planning a remodelling/renovation project find that one of the most challenging parts of the project is staying within the budget. Home improvement shows, woodworking shows and remodelling magazines encourage homeowners to satisfy their desires for the best and brightest in home décor, appliances and furniture. Even those who start with the best intentions when it comes to budget may find themselves off track quickly, as the excitement of improving the home builds. A project of any size can become a financial problem if the consumer does not take care.

One key tip that most remodelling experts and experienced homeowners pass on is this: Try to anticipate costs that are above and beyond the actual plan. Every project should have a written budget that lists material and labor costs. But some thought should also be given to what many contractors call contingencies; those things that were not in the original plan but that can come up during a project.

It is equally important that the homeowner and family members make sure adequate funds are available before starting the project. Personal funds or a line of credit are absolutely essential for the success of a remodelling/renovation project. As those with experience will state, this does not mean that the line of credit must be used or that the funds must be spent. It is important to have the financial support in place if it is needed.

The survey mentioned earlier also shows that nearly 70 percent of the people responding use savings or investment assets for renovation projects. Without essential planning, this can lead to problems in the future. A third of all homeowners who started a project borrowed money to finance the upgrade. This step should also be taken with care.

One problem that many experienced homeowners, financial institutions and contractors warn others about is the problems that can arise within the family if one of the members aims too high during a remodelling project. Some families find that disagreements about what type of renovation is necessary, what colors should be used and how much should be spent can lead to serious argument. Most of the follow-up reports on home improvement show that disagreements are about color.

According to some home improvement Web sites, involving a professional contractor, designer or carpenter will often reduce disputes and help keep costs under control. Some remodelling professionals find plenty of work fixing the mistakes made by someone who wanted to do it alone. Remember that completing a home improvement project is never as easy as it looks on television.

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