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Reviews of Mobile Home Renovations


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The standard manufactured home has been updated and greatly improved over the last ten years. Most mobile homes will be useful and comfortable for a long while before any changes need to be made. Even so, in time many manufactured home owners the renovation of their space a priority. The reason could be an expanding family that needs more bedrooms or a maybe small family unit that would like to make better use of the space they have.

As you plan to renovate your manufactured home, there are some things to look out for that differ from a standard home renovation. In a mobile home, one of the benefits during a renovation is the lack of structural support beams obstructing the center of the building. Traditionally, interior walls are placed, not to only separate spaces, but also to keep the roof from caving in. For mobile homes, the roof is simply supported by trailer walls.

If you are considering a mobile home renovation in order to create some more living space, then think about eliminating a small room in your home, one that is just off to the large living area. For instance, there might be a bedroom adjoining a wall in the living room. In this case, the separating wall can be taken down to provide plenty more space.

If you do decide to remove a whole wall during your renovation, to maybe add a bay window , you need to be careful not to make room for bugs, the walking or flying types, to make their homes with you. The floors of a mobile home are hardly known for their thickness. Due to their exposure to the outdoors, there is a good chance they will be weaker than those of a traditional structure, which is protected by a basement below.

So, taking down an entire wall can weaken the floor. You must be careful when extracting screws and nails. Make sure someone reviews the work so that all small holes created by the process are properly filled before new flooring gets laid down. This will prevent insects from living below your new floors. In addition, any walls local to those torn down must be smoothed out and repainted to make them look like new.

Adding a porch on to a manufactured home is quite easy assuming you treat the porch as a separate structure, rather than try to attach it to the side of the trailer. To do this, simply build the porch on in its entirety and then connect it to the outside of the mobile home.

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