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The Most Common Septic Tank Problems And How To Avoid Them

 Terry Edwards (May 22, 2008)  Without the proper design, use, and maintenance of your septic system you will undoubtedly face the day when you'll have septic tank problems galore, and absolutely no idea how to solve them. Here's a quick look at the most common septic problems you may encounter, and how to avoid them. First, excessive use and subsequent dumping of oil and grease, which take a long time to degrade .. (Plumbing)

Reverse Osmosis Filters

 Allan Cassell (May 20, 2008)  Reverse osmosis filters can not prevent chlorine from getting into your home. Even whole house reverse osmosis water filters do not remove chlorine, so they cannot prevent chlorine vapors and chloroform gas from building up in your home. The main reason that most of us need to filter our water is to remove the things that our treatment facilities leave in and the things that they add .. (Plumbing)

Faster Hot Water - Save Time, Water, Money and Be Green!

 William Lund (May 13, 2008)  Have you ever considered how much water you run down the drain while you wait for hot water to arrive at the fixture? According to one study, done in Southern California, a typical family of four can save up to 10,000 gallons per year by installing a circulating system. Grundfos, a major manufacturer of circulating systems states on their website that homeowners can save up to 16,000 .. (Plumbing)

Is a Demand Hot Water System Right For Your Home?

 William Lund (May 06, 2008)  If you ever have to stand around waiting for hot water to reach the fixture, then you are wastefully running water down the drain. By investing in a demand hot water system you can reduce the time it takes for you to get the hot water and you won't be running any water down the drain while you wait. A demand hot water system pumps the hot water to your fixture from your water heater .. (Plumbing)

Sump Pump Failures and How to Avoid Them

 Jacques Bouchard (May 02, 2008)  Every time a major rainfall hits an area, countless tales of woe are heard from homeowners who have gambled with a low-quality sump pump installation in their basement. During the worst storms, plumbers can work around the clock to pump water from basements and crawl spaces. Homeowners pay whatever it takes to help minimize the already extensive damage dealt to their home and personal .. (Plumbing)

Choosing Tankless Water Heaters

 Chenying Jia (April 12, 2008)  Tankless water heaters would be the type of water heaters which can easily and efficiently provide hot water without the use of any kind of storage tank. They are also called instantaneous water heater, as it just heats the water whenever some is needed. Once the user turns on the water tap, cold water would be flowing through the heating mechanism which would result in hot water .. (Plumbing)

How Tankless Water Heaters Can Conserve Energy

 Chenying Jia (April 12, 2008)  A tankless water heater can usually operate based on the concept that it would be heating water as it is needed. They are a lot different from the traditional hot water heaters which typically requires storage tanks since tankless water heaters do not any kind of storage tank which would mean that you would not be experiencing any standby heat energy loss. This standby heat loss would .. (Plumbing)

Hard Water Stains Explained

 Patrick Henry (April 03, 2008)  Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium ions. Commonly referred to as “hardness minerals, " dissolved calcium and magnesium can cause numerous problems when present in a water supply. As water falls from the sky in its various forms, it absorbs carbon dioxide in the air and becomes slightly acidic. Water in this weak acid state reaches and enters the ground. Since it .. (Plumbing)

Construction Tips and Code, General Sweating and Sweating Bronze Valves Tips and More

 Raphael Infante (April 01, 2008)  When soldering valves to copper pipe, thicker walls require more heat to sweat. Sweating copper is all similar, where you scour the pipe's exterior and the “cup" of the fitting to be soldered. Flux both of them and heat the area all around the cup. Then place a torch flame in one spot, applying solder to the opposite side until the heat causes the solder to flow toward it. Solder .. (Plumbing)

Move Over Copper Pipe, PEX Plumbing is Here to Stay

 Lauren May (March 21, 2008)  A home plumbing system should meet the needs of the homeowners. If the homeowners want hot water on demand or leak-free connections, then the system should be able to handle it. The longer someone waits for hot water to reach the faucet or shower head, the more water goes down the drain. A typical homeowner loses 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of water per year waiting for hot water. A .. (Plumbing)

Lavatory Basins - Materials And Design Ideas

 Kristy Snow (January 23, 2008)  I fondly remember my grandmothers old cast iron washroom faucet. It was pure white with two huge basins. The enamel had started to chip away in places, but it gave you a sense of being worn in with the house. Today, there are many more styles of basins to choose from. Basins are made much more durable and a lot are made out of man made materials. Older faucets give a traditional feel. .. (Plumbing)

Tips for Plumbing Home Remodels

 Gregg Hicks (December 31, 2007)  Whether it's fixing that leaky faucet or unclogging the commode, plumbing home remodels can be quite a chore. It's amazing how much damage just a small amount of water in the wrong places can do. So, if you're faced with plumbing home remodels, make sure to do your homework before you begin the project. Prevention is always better than trying to solve a problem. If you're planning .. (Plumbing)

7 Reasons You Need A Water Filter For Your Health

 Lesa Bolt (December 31, 2007)  There are so many bad things in our environment but one thing we can control is the toxins in the water we consume and use every day. Here are 7 good reasons why we should use a water filter. Chlorine in everyday tap H2O is dangerous to you. Minerals in our water are not always good to consume Toxic substances can leak into our ground wells causing cancerous causing materials. .. (Plumbing)

Want Good Tasting Water? Then Keep Your Old Water Filter

 Lesa Bolt (December 19, 2007)  We get water filters to remove contaminants such as bacteria. However, some bacteria can be helpful. Many filters we use have a sand base and water travels through that sand to remove harmful germs. When we start using these bacteria grow on the sand particles and those bacteria on the sand remove bad tastes in water. What we drink from the faucet many times has a muddy and stale odor. . (Plumbing)

Dangerous Hardness Ions

 Idalia Luczak (December 17, 2007)  Water is everywhere. Nothing can happen without it and nothing can live. We commonly say about pure water and impure one. This recording to the possibility of drinking it or not. But except the rain there is no such thing as clean water. There is one important class of impurity: hardness. Hard water is the type in which we have dissolved minerals of magnesium and calcium. And water .. (Plumbing)

Cheap Sinks - Types of Cheap Sinks Available

 Daniel Roshard (July 31, 2007)  Sinks is the most important accessory in any home whether it is used in the bathroom or the kitchen. It is a rarity to see a home without a sink. The popular use and the necessity of the sinks all over the world have brought down the prices of the kitchen and bathroom sinks considerably. But still it is an expensive accessory to a common man or people from a lower income group to afford . (Plumbing)

Problem Shower Plumbing Headaches

 Wade Robins (July 05, 2007)  Leaky faucets, clogged shower heads, cold water instead of hot and poor drainage are all a part of the headaches associated with shower plumbing. Most of us do not want to deal with these problems and will call a plumber. On the other hand, we want to save a little money and may decide the job will be easy and try it ourselves. By knowing a few simple plumbing facts, you might be able .. (Plumbing)

Be Prepared For Water Leaks

 James C (July 01, 2007)  If you have a home you will eventually have to face some kind of water leak. It is just a fact of life. If you are prepared however you can greatly minimize the damage caused by one of these leaks. Read this article and get some tips to help you deal with the worst when it happens. The first thing you need to know is where your homes water shutoffs are. Every one of your toilets should . (Plumbing)

Gas Tankless Water Heater - Installation and Maintenance

 Dean Iggo (June 10, 2007)  When you talk about a gas tankless water heater, very few people know the work involved in installing one. All that people really think about when you say “gas tankless water heater” is a tankless water heater that is heated by using gas. That is actually true, but how it is installed and then how it is actually used to heat water is a more complicated matter altogether. Gas Water .. (Plumbing)

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