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What persistent water leaks can do to your building

Lora Davis

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Water is life as they say and it is an essential natural element and one of the building blocks of life. As good as water is to human life it can also be man’s worst nightmare. Like fire, water can ruin just as it can build, therefore careful handling and channeling of water sources is not an option but a necessity. We are constantly inundated with news from all over the world about how tsunamis wipe out entire cities in one fell swoop. While this sounds like stories told to children in kindergarten it really is a serious matter. You may not live in tsunami or flood prone areas but you still have to take water handling seriously.

Water is used in every home and on most commercial properties. Anywhere human beings can be found water is most likely used. Water is channeled through pipes from its source to the point where it is needed such as taps and showers in the home. After using these pipes for a long time they gradually begin to wear and tear up to a point where leaking ensues. These leaks are difficult to spot at the initial stage in most cases because they only start as small drops and gradually grow bigger until they become evident to prying eyes.

Many people may not even know that they have a burst pipes lying somewhere in their home until they begin to notice wet walls and floors. You may not know how long the leak has been going on for, but what you should know is that it gradually impacts the solidity of your house’s structure.

Wall leaks

If the leak is caused by a burst or leaking pipe that passes through the walls, what you notice at first is that part of the wall will appear wet sometimes. After a while, cracks begin to appear in that part of the wall where the wetness was first notice. In time, the cracks will begin to grow bigger and longer up until the time part of the wall begins to fall apart until it gradually gives way. How long the wall will hold on for depends on the strength of the wall and the volume of water discharge. To protect the building it is advisable that you engage the services of a plumber Bayville contractor to repair the pipe before the situation gets worse.

Foundation Leaks

Not all pipes are channeled through walls. Some are channeled underground, depending on the water source. Leaks occurring in foundations of buildings are the most hazardous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The weight of your home rests on the foundation and should the foundation become weak up until the point where it is unable to cope with the weight of the building structure, collapse is inevitable.

Plumber Point Pleasant contractors have long been rescuing homes from this ugly fate and they are always on hand to repair leaks and protect your buildings whether commercial or residential from structural weakness caused by water damage. A plumber can stop a leak from becoming a torrent if called in to handle the plumbing problem.


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