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What are the different types of drain cleaning equipment which you can use

Lora Davis

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Drain blockage is a problem which occasionally occurs in each and every home. If you have been a homeowner for long enough, you would have suffered at least once from this particular problem. The solutions which are available in the market are also plenty. The problem is that most of the drain cleaning solutions do not work. Therefore, it is not easier for you to unclog the drains whenever you are facing this problem. We would today share with you some of the drain cleaning equipment which you can use whenever there is blocking of the drain.

1. Drill type drain cleaner:

In many of the cases there are large objects which are stuck in the drain. Owing to this very reason, the drain does not work properly. In order to sort such problem drill type drain cleaner is one of the best options for you. This ensures that the bigger particles or the bigger debris is removed from the drain as well. It is also useful for the drain cleaning where the blockage is pretty deep as well. Then also, the drains can be cleaned quite easily.

2. Injector style drain cleaner:

As the name itself suggests, this type of drain cleaner uses highly pressurized water in order to remove the blockage. The water flushes out the entire blockage and thereafter, it becomes unblocked again. The drain cleaning equipment consists of injector which is able to direct the water at a higher speed into the drain. When the water fills up the drain or hits the blockage, it washes it away quite easily.

3. Rooter:

This is a drain cleaning equipment which you would often find in commercial places like the gardens. Such drains can be blocked by the vegetation growing around them. Often times, roots, as well as other such growth, can block the drain. In such a case, the rooter is one of the best options for you.

4. Electric snake:

Electric snake consist of a steel cable which is put into the drain. The device which is connected at the end of the cable rotates the entire cable which cuts the blockage into smaller pieces. This makes it easier for you to unblock the drain once again. It is specifically useful when the drain is narrower in size and the space inside the drain is pretty small. The electric snake is useful for removing the smaller particles as well as the larger particles from the drain. Only once the drain is unblocked, you can pull the electric snake out.

So, when you’re looking into the drain cleaning equipment which can help you, it is important to look into these few options. If you are having these drain cleaning equipment, you can be sure that without hiring the drain cleaning service , you would be able to get the drain unblocked quite easily. This is one of the main reasons why you should always have drain cleaning equipment at your home so that you are able to unblock the drain without any issues.


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