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DIY Tricks and Tips for Removing Bathroom Mold

Lora Davis

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Your bathroom can be mold infested and you wouldn’t even have a clue. Mold likes to hide beneath walls, surfaces, and plumbing fixtures. Fortunately, you can prevent mold from invading your home in the first place, and if it’s unfortunately too late, you should be armed with ways of removing the mold. Causes of Bathroom Mold

According to one plumber Brick, there are three main causes of mold in homes:

i. Leaking pipes and plumbing fixtures

ii. Excessive moisture caused by poor ventilation

iii. A constant presence of damp curtains, wallpaper, paper mat, rugs, towels or others.

How to Prevent Bathroom Mold

Any good plumber Lakewood knows that good plumbing works during construction play a big role to how susceptible your home is when it comes to mold. But sometimes you can still get mold attacks even if your plumbing has been done to standard. Avoid storing cold or moist towels and wet curtains since these are breeding grounds for mold. It’s also necessary to use the bathroom ventilation before drawing a bath or turning on the shower in order to avoid getting the bathroom moist. You can always have a plumber Brick install for you a ventilation fan if your house doesn’t have one.

Your bathroom will naturally gather moisture and there’s really no way to completely keep out moisture from your bathroom, of course, unless no bathing will take place inside it. Because of this plumber Brick advises that you avoid keeping unused bottles of soap, conditioner or shampoo since these are an easy target for mold. When you have too many bottles of these, you may forget to clean under them to the benefit of mold.

Another thing you can do to avoid molder in your bathroom, according to plumber Lakewood, is to leave your bathroom door cracked and window open when showering. This will ensure that excess steam is able to escape. Your bathroom curtain is also easy to target for mold. You can invest in a mildew-resistant curtain that you wash on a regular basis. Because the truth is that, it’s easier to prevent mildew than to fight them.

Solution for Bathroom Mold

There is an amount of bathroom mold that you can remove on your own without a professional plumber brick. To do this:

i. Check each caulking inside the bathroom for mold. If you find any, remove the entire section affected and replace it with a new caulking.

ii. If you find very little traces of mold in any part of your bathroom, clean it up with hydrogen peroxide or bleach.

iii. During the mold removal process, keep all the windows open to remove any excess moisture and keep the room dry and fresh.

iv. If you find areas with a large amount of mold in your bathroom, call for a professional mold remover or plumber Lakewood to avoid triggering the spread of the mold. Inhalation of the mold dust is also dangerous and only a professional will have the right equipment for this kind of exposure. It’s especially important to call a plumber Toms River is the mold is lying behind a plumbing fixture or wall.


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