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Tips to Uncover the Sink Drain

Lora Davis

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No matter how often you clean your kitchen, sooner or later the drain pipes in the sink will be clogged by fats, oils and food residues. The good news is you do not have to do a gigantic Plumbing Point Pleasant job and you do not have to depend on a plumber Point Pleasant. In this article, we tell you several methods that you can use to uncover the sink drain yourself without hiring a plumber Point Pleasant.

Method 1.
Many times, to unclog the kitchen drain, the only thing we need to do is to light the crusher, but this is complicated if the sink we have is double and the garbage disposer is on the side, separated from the sink.

In those cases, what we can do is put the plug in the drain hole then turn the switch and turn it off after a moment. In this way, by removing the trash from the inside of the crusher pipe while the sink has the stopper, we will create a closed system that will make the pressure uncover the drainage, leaving all the dirt to go through the drain.

Method 2.
With the aid of a pair of rubber gloves and an empty cup, remove all the water from the sink and pour it into a bucket or bucket.

Using a spatula or spoon, put 1 cup of baking soda into the sink drain.
Pour 1 cup full of vinegar into the drain and put a stopper so the vinegar goes down.
Let the solution sit inside the sink drain for 5 minutes.
Finally, to make sure the drain is well uncovered pour a little hot water.

Method 3.
Partially fill the sink with hot water and use a toilet plunger (toilet bowl) to uncover the sink drain Place the plunger on the drain until it forms the vacuum if your sink is double put a plug on the side that is empty so the plunger can uncover the drain.

Finally, move the plunger from the bottom up until the drain is uncovered.

Method 4.
Place a bucket under the pipes and then open them.
Remove the curved tube (siphon) under the sink and check for anything stuck.
If the pipe has nothing, return it to its place and pour some hot water into the sink to see if it drains.
If the water does not drain, remove the horizontal tube that is attached to the wall and put one of the ends of an Auger cable inside the wall pipe.
To make it easier to handle the cable you can use a bit.
Turn the cable to the right, then push forward while turning the cable. If the cable gets stuck with something twist it to the left and pull it out.

Finally, remove the cable, install the pipes and pour a little hot water into the sink to verify that it drains.

Following these methods, you can save some money by not having to hire a plumbing Point Pleasant service, however, if you cannot uncover it the best is to look for a plumber Toms River .


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