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Low Water Pressure: There Is a Solution

Lora Davis

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Low water pressure is an issue many homeowners face. Low water pressure doesn’t discriminate between old or new houses and can be a challenge to fix. I have good news; it can be fixed even if you’re not a plumber. Installing a water pressure pump can increase pressure and have you enjoying your shower.

Water pressure pumps, also called water pressure boosters, increase the pressure of the water coming from your source. A significant amount of pressure is needed to get water to all areas of your home. As the water gets to the tank, compressed air pressurizes and gives the water the jolt needed to flow throughout your home.

Now how is expensive is this? When shopping for the pump there are some key features you need to be on the lookout for. The tank and motor need to be large enough for the size and water needs of your home. Some pumps have different modes that allow you to conserve water and energy to keep the bills down. Do you want a manual or automatic shutoff? Finally, the noise level of the pump needs to be taken into consideration as well.

After considering the above and verified with plumber Toms River or plumber Howell code, you are ready to proceed. Next, I will outline tips on how to install your pump effectively and efficiently.

Preparing for installation
Before beginning the installation, be sure your main water valve is completely shut off. You want no water running to any part of your home. Leave your faucets open as this will release any air that is in the system.

Cutting the pipe and attaching water pressure pump
A cut will need to be made in the water main, just after the meter. Use emery paper to clean pipe before cutting as this helps with the fittings grip on the pipe. Be sure to make the cuts exact to the fittings you are using, such as a 90-degree fitting or a 45-degree fitting. Measure two or three times if needed to ensure precise cuts are being made.

Once the installation is complete, turn on the main water valve and verify proper flowage is occurring. It will take a few minutes for the air to run through the pipes and water to flow as normal. Check the gauge on your water pressure pump. Depending on the size of your house, plumber Toms River or plumber Howell suggests gauge should run between 50-70 PSI. The maximum should be 75 PSI. Anything over 75 PSI can wear out and damage your pipes.

Low water pressure doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take the comforting, relaxing shower you crave. If your source, whether it be a well or city water delivery, isn’t getting you the pressure you need, a water pressure pump may be the answer. With preparation and knowledgeable game plan, it’s a great option to install your own pump and reap the benefits of properly pressurized water in your daily life.

This article is penned by Lora Davis for Top Quality Plumbing of New Jersey.


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