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Plumbing Systems – Five Facts that You Should Know as a New Homeowner

Lora Davis

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Purchasing a new home will always come with a certain fortuitous feeling; whether it’s your first home or your tenth home. It could be anxiety, overjoyed, afraid, name it. You will only have a feeling of security and confidence when you have a rough idea of what to expect and some of the things you are required to sort out in your new home. Your plumbing system is one of the things you will have an easy time with when endowed with basic knowledge of the same. Here are some basic things you should know as a new home owner in Ocean County.

1. Drain cleaners should be used with caution
Drain cleaners are not supposed to be your friend. They are poisonous to pets and children and so you should store them safely. Drain cleaners have so much puissance that they are in fact not even good for your drains and pipes and will cause them to erode faster causing you to make costly repairs and replacements. If you have regular issues with your pipes or drains, it is a smarter idea to contact a plumber ocean county who can use safer methods to resolve the issue once and for all.

2. You will deal with a leaky pipe at some point
It’s important to be prepared for a leak because you will have to deal with one at one point or another. Slow leaks are the hardest to detect, yet they can cause damage to your pipes, pocket book and even the physical property. It’s important to have a plumber regularly inspect your plumbing system, even if not initially but after a period of time of your house being in use. Some of the common warnings of trouble in your plumbing system include pink or white calcium deposits, green and blue stains which are signs of mold due to excessive moisture, and sometimes even brown rust on the drains could indicate the need for replacement.

3. The Shutoff Valve is a homeowners best friend
The shutoff valve for your home's water supply should be the first thing your run to when you have any issues coming from your plumbing system. Before you even call the plumber Ocean County, it’s important that you manage any possible large burst. The valve is mostly in the garage setting or basement but if you can’t locate it contact an emergency plumber who can direct you. Be wary also of locations with live wires and ensure they’re always dry.

4. You can detect a leaky toilet from your water bill
Because of the tight sealant surrounding the base of your toilet, it may be hard to realize that it’s leaking. When you receive a water bill that’s higher than the normal and you’re sure that no other parts of your plumbing system are faulty, check the flooring under your toilet. Call plumber Ocean County if you suspect any leak.

5. Be Prepared

As a new homeowner, you should take preventive measures to ensure the health of your plumbing Point Pleasant system. Inspect the pipework before you even move in, cover exposed pipes especially in winter and monitor your water bill among others.


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