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The Problem with Drain Cleaners

Lora Davis

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One of the most common household items that you will find in most bathrooms is a chemical drain cleaner; many people don’t consider it important or even necessary to call in a residential plumbing expert at the first sing of a clogged sewer line or a slow drain. The typical homeowner is a good do-it-yourselfer and will try all the tricks they know how before they give up; the general belief is that is always something you can find in the grocery store for all your drain cleaning problems. Many homeowners who do DIY drain cleaning believe that it is the best way to save money during these difficult economic times.

Most people who opt for any form of homemade general plumbing solutions are motivated by the desire to do some saving even though at the end of the day they soon discover that they waster their precious time and money in addition to taking great risks of personal injury to themselves in addition to damaging the community plumbing system. Unknown to many homeowners, most of these popular drain cleaners are made using corrosive acids which will also end up eating away their plumbing.

Your residential plumbing contractor most likely deals with drain cleaning tasks on an almost daily basis; they know just what will work effectively and what will damage your pipes as well as the environment. As a homeowner, you are better off assuming that any over the counter drain cleaner that you buy has some sort of corrosive substance; when you start with assumption you will as a lay person begin with the two most important pieces of equipment that can be of help to you. You should always use eye protection such as a face shield whenever you are handling chemicals and protect your hands using a string pair of rubber or leather gloves.

The biggest problem with do-it-yourself drain cleaning is that the clog will seem to keep on returning every now and again after only a short period of time; this is why it is always advisable that you ask your residential plumbing contractor to come in to your rescue. These are drain cleaning experts who have the capacity to offer fast and efficient solutions that are going to be long lasting. Apart from the knowledge that they have, they also have all the necessary tools and equipment to drive away any clogs.

The best method of drain cleaning that will save you money instead of being a do-it-yourselfer is known as prevention; there are a few important things you can do to avoid clogging in the first place and this will not cost you anything. You want to be careful about some household items that are usually responsible for clogging such as hair care products, chemical cleaners and some soap products. By being careful about what goes down your residential plumbing will ensure that you will not end up with a serious sewer problem before too long. If you already have the problem, don’t make it worse by trying your own tricks.


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