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5 Common Plumbing Issues, Their Solutions And Prevention

Heather Roberts

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There are lots of plumbing issues that can be common in description. They can spring up at anytime in an average home unexpectedly. The bottom line is this, when they do occur, they usually need prompt attention and correction right away. 5 common plumbing issues, their solutions and prevention will be revealed here. This way, if they do happen, a person will be able to identify them promptly and tend to them as soon as is possible. Plumbing repairs may be necessary by a professional plumber, so do it, if this is the case – or else you will have to get a professional cleaner for the consequences. Do make sure to try and find the very best plumber amid plumbers possible.

What are the 5 common plumbing issues, their solutions and prevention before leading to home cleaning? They are as follows:

1. Low water pressure is the very first common plumbing issue. Usually, plumbers don't have to look at this problem, at least not if it is something that can be resolved by the homeowner checking out a few things. This checking out should be at the sink faucet. Determine if the low water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold water. If both the hot and cold water are being affected by low water pressure, chances are, it is the aerator that is the culprit. A blocked aerator that contains calcium deposits can cause this low water pressure. To stop this problem, remove the aerator carefully, and clean out any debris in it. Remove any build up on it too.

2. A sink that is draining low can be another common plumbing hindrance. This can happen when the pop-up to the sink gets clogged up with hair and debris over the course of time. To get the drain flowing good again, the hair and debris need to be removed, and this can be done by removing the pop-up and cleaning it. Another way to get it clean is by using the Zip-it, which is a very handy plumbing tool, which can help get the drain cleaned out. Do regular maintenances as well when you are kitchen cleaning.

3. A tub that is slow to drain, is also without a doubt, another very common plumbing issue. This plumbing problem can happen when the tub drain gets chock full of hair. This will prevent the tub from draining out normally as it should. The Zip-it tool or a pair of pliers can be used to correct this plumbing issue. They can both be used to reach and clear out any collected debris that is in the drain itself. Do frequent bathroom cleaning to avoid such issues.

4. A toilet that runs is another common plumbing occurrence. It is usually caused as a result of various things. The first step to initiating home repairs with this kind of plumbing issue is very clear. First off, the cause of the running toilet must be determined, and when the working part is discovered for causing this. This part can either be repaired or replaced for home repairs. This will then stop the running water.

5. A jammed up garbage disposal is another common plumbing problem. It can be the result of many existing plumbing issues. Many people tend to lose the nifty key that does come along with the garbage disposal to unjam it. However, if the key is lost, an Allen wrench can be used in its place to help unjam the garbage disposal. Located the bottom of the garbage disposal is a place to insert the key, but if a person doesn't have the key, they can insert the Allen wrench instead and make sure to turn it in both directions to free up the jammed motor.

Typically, house cleaning (or the lack thereof) is the main reason why such problems appear. Do your chores responsibly and you will rarely have issues.


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