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Five Tips for Avoiding a Plumber After a Party

Lora Davis

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Every time you are celebrating something important at home and you invite friends and family over, they will generally clog every space in your home; leftovers are also likely to clog your pipes and complicate the plumbing. Most emergency plumbing technicians have noted that in general, the day after there have been parties and celebrations, especially during the festive seasons, they have some of their busiest days. There are simple tips you can follow to avoid plumbing services after any celebration at home.

Quantity matters: During party time or the festive season most of us are likely to invite friends and relatives over; your garbage disposal will get its greatest test at such a time. This also means that if you are not careful with what is pushed down the drain, there will be some amount of dumping in the sink that could end up clogging your pipes and you are forced to look for plumbing service providers the following day.

It’s not just food: There are more things than food that clog drains, any plumber will tell you that they are often called to retrieve different things that went down the drain; this will include jewelry, pens and children’s toys to name a few. Just ensure the person washing dishes takes away all their jewelry.

Bones, gristle and fat: Whether it is chicken bones, fat and gristle, nothing of the sort should ever be pushed into the drain; while the first small bone may not necessarily clog the system, you can be sure that your luck won’t take you too far. Plumbers are always called to retrieve potato peelings and onions because once they go down the drain, they can easily form a paste that will not soak; it eventually swells and forms a clog inside the sink that only a professional plumbing repairs expert can handle.

Cooking oils: You may use as much cooking oil as you want in preparing your meals as you plan to host friends and family. However, don’t allow any of it to go into the drain; the same applies to fats. Both of these are found in plenty during celebrations; plumbing repair experts’ advice that you are better off putting them into a container and throwing them away with the rest of the trash.

Watch the kids: Festive seasons and other celebrations that bring many people together normally include families and some of them have children of all ages. Younger children are almost always guilty of stuffing all manner of things into the toilets just to see whether they can be flushed away. There are many times that plumber have had to retrieve tampons and diapers as well as dog toys etc. You will find yourself with a clogged drain and an empty wallet as soon as they leave.

Author's Bio: This article has been penned by Lora Davis for Fix It! Home Services. The company is a full service home repair company that offers services like air conditioning, heating service, plumber, plumbing repairs, clean air conditioning, water conditioning systems installed etc.


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