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The Best Way to Schedule Septic Tank Pumping

Lora Davis

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Anyone who hasn’t lined in a home with a septic tank system before may not clearly appreciate the importance of maintaining a regular septic tank pumping schedule; it plays a very critical role in ensuring that the system works effectively. Even though all septic tanks have little differences here and there, there are a few simple tips that can make a difference in ensuring the septic tank functions optimally.

Septic tank inspection: There are people who live in areas where routine septic tank inspection is mandated by the law. If you don’t live in such an area, you should take the initiative to ensure that you have a professional septic service expert doing an inspection at least once annually whether you have experienced in septic problems or not. However, if you have a larger septic tank and the demand on isn’t too high, you could stretch the inspections into once every two years.

Pumping calculations: A typical septic system is designed based on the size of your house, especially the number of bedrooms; this gives a rough estimation of the home’s occupancy under normal circumstances. The general calculations allow for an average usage of 50 gallons of water daily; this takes care of everything from flushing toilets to washing clothes. If you believe that your family uses more than 50 gallons of water daily, you are safer erring on the side of caution and ensure that the inspection and septic tank pumping are done more often than you occupancy dictates.

On average, a family of four should try and ensure that septic tank pumping is done at least once every two years. However, if there are more than five people living in a home it is essentially that the pumping is done at least annually. At the same time, if you add the square footage of your home or there are more occupants, you need to ask a professional septic service expert to help you determine how long you can safely go between pumping because the typical guidelines may not necessarily apply.

Septic tank maintenance: The amount of strain that is exerted on any septic tank is what determines the frequency of septic tank pumping. Families need to be especially careful regarding their garbage disposal practices; any other solid materials that are allowed to go into the drain and on to the septic tank don’t get broken down by the bacteria in the tank. This essentially adds on the layer of sludge and will cause your tank to fill up faster than it should have under normal circumstances. A careful consideration of the type of waste you allow to get into the septic system will help you add an additional year or two between septic tank pumping and save you some lots of cash.

About the author: This article has been penned by Lora Davis for AllGood Septic Service. The company offers a range of septic services like backups, plumbing , septic maintenance, drain fills etc. Located in Statham, GA the company has over a decade of experience in helping solve septic problems for home owners.


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Take These Steps to Ward Off Any Potential Septic Tank Issues
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