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Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Service

Lora Davis

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If you use a septic tank at home, there are chances that you already know that there having a regular maintenance regime will make your life easier and also help you avoid spending money on unnecessary repairs and replacements. All you need to do is to maintain simple routine septic tank maintenance routines such as septic tank pumping and you will prevent the damage and deterioration of your septic system. These simple routines will not only keep your home safe, clean and operational but will also extend the lifespan of your home’s septic system.

There are serious consequences that will follow when you avoid septic tank pumping; you need to understand how it works for you to appreciate why pumping is important. The septic tank has been designed to with the ability to hold and process waster for only one or two days; this allows the waste to separate. The solids will fall to the bottom, the liquids go to the middle while the lightest liquids such as oil and grease will float at the top. Anaerobic bacteria will help to decompose the solid waste remains at the bottom as well as the ultra-light liquids for longer term decomposition while everything else gets pushed out every time more waste water comes into the tank. Most of the time this waste water is washed to the drain field where it dissipated without any cause for trouble.

When your septic tank is not cleaned out regularly, several things are bound to take place where the most important of them all is sanitation. When the tank is not cleaned routinely, there will be too many solids accumulating at the bottom of the tank. The resultant effect is that the liquids at the middle will be forced to exit the tank faster and sooner than they really should. This means that there will not be enough time for the requisite separation to take place so that the unsanitary by products will be washed to the drain field. The solids that force their way out with the liquids can easily lead to clogging and damage to the drain field which may not be replaced eventually.

During the process of septic tank pumping, all the solids at the bottom of the tank are removed so that there is room for fresh waste water to come in for processing; the wastewater will be able to come in, circulate as required and separate accordingly. This is a form of maintenance that you need to have done regularly because the costs associated with it are minimal. The amount you will be charged for septic tank pumping will be determined by the complexity and size of your system. While having it done once a year may appear to be expensive, this cost cannot be compared with having to install a completely new septic system or doing a new drain field.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for Allgood Septic Service who are a septic tanks installation and septic maintenance company that is providing services like pumping, sewer lines and backups to people of Statham, GA.


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Take These Steps to Ward Off Any Potential Septic Tank Issues
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