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The Dangers of Poor Drainage


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As we empty our washing up bowls or race in with the washing following a sudden downpour, very few of us consider the affect the water is having on our properties and the surrounding area. The reason that we don’t have to worry about it is because of the drainage Birmingham we have. However, if you start to have issues with your drainage, even the smallest amount of rainfall can cause serious consequences.

Poor drainage can occur for many reasons, the first is through wear and tear within the drainage system as a result of vegetation becoming blocked over time or taken through as the water drains away. The other main cause of poor drainage is due to damage caused during building work.

Fortunately, the signs of poor drainage are clear for all to see. Not only will there be a noxious smell circulating, but the most common sign of poor drainage at your property is that of patches of water resting on the surface of your driveway or patio. Whilst this may not appear to be too much of an issue at first, poor drainage can cause significant damage to the property and nearby surroundings; along with having health implications for the occupants.

Dangers to Property:

Perhaps the most common issue for properties with poor drainage is the increased risk of flooding. This not only increases the risk of damage being caused to the contents of the property, but can also lead to the building becoming affected with mould and subsidence.

As well as affecting the property itself, poor drainage can also have consequences for the surrounding landscape, making areas such as the driveway, patios and decking unstable and unsafe.

Dangers to Occupants:

Unfortunately poor drainage which goes undetected can have consequences on the health of those within the vicinity as dirt, bacteria and germs quickly build up and spread.

Solutions to Poor Drainage:

In the unfortunate situation that your property currently has issues with its drainage systems, there are a number of solutions available to you – all of which can be provided by an experienced, professional and reliable drainage specialist.

All the solutions available will be unobtrusive and will blend in with the surroundings; whilst also assisting with the safe and quick drainage of ground water, minimising the risk of flooding and other damage associated with poor drainage systems.

If you’d like more information surrounding the drainage Birmingham solutions available or if you’d like to receive a quote for drainage work to be carried out at your property, contact your nearest drainage specialists today.


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Effects of Water Drainage on Carriageways
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