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Drain Repair: How to Properly Use a Plumbing Snake


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Severely clogged or even Blocked Drains Sydney is a serious problem and you may want to try a plumbing snake or auger. Here are some guidelines for correctly and safely usage of plumbling snake.

Plumbing snake or auger is a tool that can be very helpful to home owners. This kind of tool helps in unclogging drains but the user should know how to use it properly.

For others, getting a plumber is the best way to help them with their plumbing problems but some people prefer on using a plumbing snake or an auger but in some instance they use it improperly making the problem even worse. That is why we created this article to help people to learn the proper ways of using the plumbing snake or auger. Below are some tips that could help you to use the plumbing snake.

Fortunately, there are several ways to handle them, depending on the severity of the clog.
If you end up with a severely clogged or even blocked drain, you may want to try a plumbing snake or auger.
Below, you’ll find some guidelines for correctly and safely using a plumbing snake.
There are certain situations in which you shouldn’t use one, including:

If you have galvanized pipes.
A plumbing snake could make this problem worse.
If your drain lines are galvanized and clogging frequently, it may be time to consider replacement of those lines.
If your first attempt to clear the drain involved a commercial drain cleaner, a plumbing snake can cause the chemicals to splash back up, potentially injuring you.

Proper Pluming Snake Technique

If you decide a plumbing snake can be safely used, put on your junkiest clothes and lay some old towels around your workspace.
A few things to keep in mind:

* Start with the smallest snake and only graduate to larger snakes if you can’t clear the clog initially.
Allow the snake to find its own way through the pipes – don’t force it.

* Once you find the clog, don’t force the snake.
It’s better to clear the clog completely then to push it further down the drain.

This can be a messy project, but it’s one you should be able to accomplish.

Knowing what to do in case of a Blocked Drain Sydney is vital. Thats why we created this article, to inform the you how to handle this kind of problem, so you won't ended up making the problem worse or even getting yourself hurt. For us, your safety is our priority.


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