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Whole House Water Filtration Systems - Your Guide to Finding What Will Work Best For You


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With the right whole house water filtration systems, you can drink from any faucet and shower in purity.  The right system for your home depends upon a couple of factors.

What contaminants are in your supply? If you are serviced by a local supplier, the contaminants will include chlorine and sediments that can clog your pipes and increase your plumbing bills.  Even chlorine is a threat to your plumbing, as it corrodes fixtures and rubber parts, such as the flap in your toilet.

If you have a private well, you should have testing conducted and then consider all of your options, before you buy anything.  Reverse osmosis whole house water filtration systems are still relatively popular, even though there are better, more effective options.  Usually those options are less expensive, as well.

My home is connected to the public waterlines.  So, we looked for a system that greatly reduces chlorine content and other chemicals that are known to be present in the source.  I did the comparison shopping and here's what I found.

There are five popular and fairly effective products on the market.  Two of them do not provide information concerning the percentage of chlorine reduction.  Three reduced chlorine by more than 99% according to independent testing conducted by Underwriter's Laboratory or the National Sanitation Foundation.

Then, I narrowed my research down to the three that provided the greatest chlorine reduction.  One of them required electricity to operate, which I did not want, because it would have required the installation of a separate outlet.  In addition, it would have increased our electricity bill.  We're not on a really tight budget, but I do avoid extra expenses when I can.

For many reasons, I had already ruled out the whole house water filtration systems that include a reverse osmosis step.  One reason is that they require back-flushing; that means that they create wastewater.  I try to be environmentally conscious, and the idea of wasting water is not something that I approve.

Well, that left me with two products.  One is manufactured by the “Wellness" company and costs $5950.  The other, which I eventually bought, cost less than a thousand dollars.  With that big a difference in price, I had to do a little more research about the Wellness Company.

I assumed that whole house water filtration systems that cost nearly six times as much must do something more to protect my family.  The company's website makes a lot of claims about what their systems can do, but it provides little evidence to support them.

One of their claims is that the system “enhances" the healthfulness of our water.  That's true, but only because of chlorine reduction.  There are many reasons that we don't want chlorinated water in our home, but we don't have to pay $6000 to remove it effectively.

We have been very happy with our choice.  We hope you will all be happy with your whole house water filtration systems as well.  Do the research before you buy.

For free information on how to protect yourself from water contaminated with carcinogens, traces of drugs, hormones, parasites and other toxins click here Lauren Leddy is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher of health related issues. Visit her website now at and discover what she has learned that will help you select the very best water filtration system for your home or office.


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