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Whole House Water Purification - Guidelines to Protect Your Health and Reduce Your Plumbing Bills


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What can whole house water purification do for you? 

The best whole house water purifiers reduce chemical contaminants commonly found in publicly treated supplies.  They reduce particulates and protect your pipes, fixtures and plumbing.  In other words, they protect your family's health and reduce plumbing bills.

But, it is important to do some comparative shopping before you buy a whole house water purification unit.  The price range is quite shocking.  Don't accept the company claims at face value either.  They should provide independent verification of all of their claims.  Here are some guidelines to help with your shopping.

The Truth about Reverse Osmosis Whole House Water Purifiers

At one time reverse osmosis whole house water purifiers were all the “rage".  They have fallen out of favor for a number of reasons.

First, the systems reduce any naturally occurring mineral content.  It's basically like drinking distilled water and many researchers believe that drinking de-mineralized H20 is bad for your digestive system and can lead to a serious electrolyte imbalance as well as nutritional deficiencies.  Therefore, it is bad for your overall health.

Second, reverse osmosis whole house water purification creates gallons of wastewater.  The more effective the system, the more wastewater it will create.

Third, RO does not remove any of the common chemical contaminants, will not remove bacterial contaminants and it is simply unnecessary in homes connected to publicly treated supplies.  

Fourth, the systems require electricity to operate, which increases your energy bills, and maintenance is expensive as well.

Price Does Not Equal Quality

Whole house water purifiers that include an RO step are usually the most costly, and as I mentioned, they are not the highest quality.  But there is another system on the market that costs nearly $6000 and does NOT include an RO phase.  

It took me a while to figure out the reason that “Wellness" whole house water purification costs so much.  They are quite effective, but cost nearly six times that of another product that is just as effective.  

The company does not fully explain the reason for the cost, but they do explain that they include “rare Japanese stones" that will “imbue" your waters with “health-giving qualities".  I could find no independent research to support these claims.  As a result, I could not justify the cost.

Certifications to Look For

If a company requests it, Underwriter's Laboratory will test for contaminant reduction, as well as sediment reduction.  Underwriter's Laboratory will also provide certifications, which the company should make available for inspection.  Some whole house water purifiers also have certifications from the National Sanitation Foundation and the California Public Health Department.

All of these certifications require that the company provide data concerning function and design.  Further, the certification from the California Public Health Department is particularly difficult to get; few companies have it.

You might also look for Consumer Digest ratings.  There is a whole house water purification that has been rated the best by Consumer's Digest for five years running.  That's the one that I bought.  Maybe it's right for you too.

For free information on how to protect yourself from water contaminated with carcinogens, traces of drugs, hormones, parasites and other toxins click here Lauren Leddy is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher of health related issues. Visit her website now at and discover what she has learned that will help you select the very best water filtration system for your home or office.


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