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What's Inside Our Tap Water - Useful Information

Judith Pratt

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From time to time we read newspaper reports about what's inside our tap water. Often we read about an E. coli breakout where residents are advised to boil all drinking water to prevent the possibility of gastroenteritis. This can be life threatening to children, the sick and the elderly and it has been in the past. For more information on what's inside our tap water read on.

Our body consists of over 75% water so clean healthy sparkling water is vital to our existence. In fact we all require at least 8 glasses per day to function as we should. We want our water to be healthy but unfortunately the opposite is the reality.

Contamination to drinking water began over 100 years ago when the water-borne diseases cholera and typhoid were causing death to thousands of people. Governments decided to disinfect the drinking water using the poisonous gas, chlorine. This destroyed the water-borne diseases but created other serious problems. Even today, chlorine is still what's inside our tap water. Technology has never advanced in this area. Could it be that chlorine is cheap to use?

As soon as chlorine is added to disinfect drinking water it reacts with the organic material already in the water such as leaves and twigs, to form THMs. These are known to cause numerous physical problems including liver, kidney and nervous system disorders and cancer. THMs when drank in water have been linked to miscarriage in pregnancy.

Synthetic chemicals known as VOCs are also what's inside our tap water. These enter your drinking water via pest and weed control, agricultural runoff, illegal dumping and air pollution. VOCs also cause numerous physical problems including liver, kidney, nervous system function, and cancer when ingested. When absorbed through the skin during washing and showering VOCs can cause irritation to the skin and lungs.

You also have lead and petro chemicals in your tap water. These poisons enter your tap water at some point from your street main to your kitchen tap. All up, there are over 2,000 poisonous health threatening chemicals in your tap water.

Now you know what's inside our tap water but do you know how to avoid this cocktail of poisons? The answer is to purchase a multi media carbon block filter for your taps to filter out the most contaminants. This award winning filter is superior to bottled water, safer to the environment, a fraction of the cost and more convenient.

Judith Pratt is passionate about maintaining optimum health naturally. To find the results of her extensive research on the best value for money, top quality, Water Filter Systems at factory prices go to:

whats inside our tap water

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