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Shocking Tap Water Facts That They Didn't Tell You About!

William Lin

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You can find a lot of tap water facts in the media - the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and television shows. Which is true and which is not true? Let us take a look.

The following tap water facts have been collected from various research organizations and hospital data which are 100% genuine. So, let us cut to the chase and get straight to the point.

* Tap water is contaminated to a large extent. Using tap water for drinking and cooking purposes increases your chances of getting waterborne diseases several times.

* Tap water mainly contains four types of contaminants - organic compounds, inorganic compounds, heavy metals, and drugs. This apart, it contains several other substances which can be extremely harmful for your health.

* This could actually be one of the most shocking tap water facts you will ever come across. According to a private study group, the tap water samples tested across the country were found to have more than 2100 toxic chemicals that are capable of causing cancer.

* One of the most commonly found chemicals in tap water are SOCs (synthetic organic chemicals), which are toxic to the core. The bad news is that the municipal water treatment is not good enough to remove these chemicals and they are very much present in the tap water that millions of people drink every day. Needless to say, it can cause several dangerous health problems.

* Some of the most common waterborne diseases that you can get by drinking contaminated water include cholera, botulism, amoebiasis, typhoid, and in extreme cases, cancer.

Now that you have enough tap water facts to ponder for some time, let us take a look at the possible solution for this issue.

Getting a good water purifier is the best choice that you have right now. All these chemicals found in tap water, as bad as they are, can be easily removed by a good water treatment system. The trick, however, is in finding the right one.

While methods like reverse osmosis and point of use distillation are pretty popular, they are not as effective as most people think they are. There is an important reason behind this. As you already saw in the tap water facts above, tap water consists of different types of contaminants, all of which are extremely dangerous. So, you need to get rid of all of them in order to be able to stay away from waterborne diseases. However, both reverse osmosis and point of use distillation are not capable of removing all types of contaminants. The former cannot remove any contaminant that is lesser than the water molecule in size and the latter cannot remove any organic contaminants present in water. So, you cannot go for these two systems as they are good, but not good enough.

One water purification system that has caught everyone's attention recently is activated carbon blocks based purifiers. They are a combination of multiple activated carbon blocks, ion exchange, and micron filtration which is very effective. These types of water purifiers are capable of removing the different types of contaminants mentioned in the tap water facts above and can provide you with pure water. Moreover, they cost less than most other water treatment systems which makes them cost effective as well.

The bottom line is simple folks. As you can see from the tap water facts mentioned above, drinking tap water is not safe at all. So, take your own health and your family's health into consideration and invest in a good water purifier today. Stay away from diseases and enjoy the natural goodness of pure water for years to come.

William Lin is an avid proponent of optimum health through high quality water sources. See William's new research for free by visiting William's site at Pure Filtered Safe Water and learn about the importance of clean water to better health.


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