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I Asked Myself, Is Tap Water Safe For Bathing and Showering?


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I reckon very few of us take time to think about the quality of the water we use at home for non-drinking purposes. Perhaps we should, as I discovered some alarming data which indicates that certain contaminants could be affecting our health and well being.

Is tap water safe for bathing and showering is an intriguing question. A good many of us may have pondered over the cleanliness or purity of our tap water for drinking but never given a second thought to its other uses.

Maybe it's time we took a closer look at what's in our water that some experts say might be detrimental to our health. This article will look at a few of the relevant points.

Surely there is nothing more relaxing than having a nice soak in a bathtub or enjoying a refreshing hot shower after a hard days work. However, such innocent and commonplace activities need one vital thing, hot water, which produces steam. It's what else is in steam that concerns me, namely the chemical chlorine.

It's used extensively by municipal water treatment plants to kill off any bacteria and viruses present and it performs that task reasonably well and efficiently. But by the time that water reaches our homes there is still a residual amount left. So, under hot, steamy conditions like taking a shower or bath any chlorine will evaporate and become gaseous, and this vapor is what we breathe in and our bodies absorb.

Some analysis of this has indicated that we ingest much more of this toxic chemical from showering than from simply drinking tap water. If you have a respiratory condition like asthma or bronchitis it could aggravate the condition. For those of you who would like a solution there is one in the form of fitting a shower head filter, which will remove not just the chlorine but other contaminants.

Peter Foremski is Editor of and cares passionately about the quality of water that he drinks and uses. He runs an informational website that uncovers the best products and where to buy them with the best discounts. So begin your ‘thirst’ for knowledge here.


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