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Which Whole House Water Treatment System is Best?


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Before you buy whole house water treatment equipment, you need a little information. All of the systems are not equivalent. The most expensive ones are not the healthiest option.

Reverse osmosis is still the most expensive whole house water treatment equipment. Even though, the system has many disadvantages. There are, at least, some less expensive models now, than there were at one time, but they are even less effective than the older models.

At one time, reverse osmosis whole house water treatment equipment was the right choice for rural homeowners with contaminants like arsenic in their source. It was only one step that they needed to take, of course, since RO doesn't remove every contaminant present in river water, for example. But, the newer less expensive systems are not even effective for that purpose.

They are basically designed for people who are serviced by a treatment facility. But, the thing is that if you are serviced by a facility, you don't need RO. It is not the healthiest option, because it removes all of the minerals that we need to maintain overall good health. When it comes to taste, RO loses again. It tastes very stale.

The systems require extensive maintenance. They create wastewater, so they must be installed next to a drain. Some companies suggest that the wastewater be used for watering plants, but researchers have shown that contaminants build up in the plants.

They require electricity, so your electric bills will go up. Since they waste water, that bill will go up to. It's simply not a healthy option for your body, your pocketbook or the environment.

The whole house water treatment equipment that you will need removes chlorine and other chemical contaminants along with microscopic sediments that affect the taste and clarity. If you are worried about cyst contamination, you also need submicron filtration for the water that you drink and cook with. If you have lead contamination, you need ion exchange.

You see. Large whole house water treatment equipment address many needs, but not all. Submicron filtration for the entire home would reduce the pressure and affect the lifespan of the filters. Ion exchange would be too expensive for all of the waters that enter your house.

If you have a well or a spring, you should have your water tested first, to find out what contaminants are present. Then you should look at all of the different options that address the contamination. New technology is coming out all the time.

If you have bacteria, parasites or other microbes in your well, you might think that your only option is chlorination. Now, there are portable UV filters for the home that kill bacteria without the use of chemicals. There are even UV devices the size of a pen that you can carry with you when you are traveling outside of the country.

Whole house water treatment equipment may be the most economical option for your home. It's really an individual decision.

Laurel Tevolitz is a dedicated researcher of critical issues that affect health and well-being. Visit her water purification blog now at to discover which water purification system she recommends after extensive research.


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