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Choose Your Water Faucet Filtration System, "Very Carefully" - Your Health is at Stake


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When you think of a water faucet filtration system for your home, certain brand names may pop into your head. The companies that pay for television commercial time and post ads in magazines have gotten your attention. But, before you buy based on advertising hype, let me give you a few facts and some friendly advice.

Assuming you are serviced by a public provider, the contaminants present in your tap water may include; chlorine, THMs, VOCs, lead, cysts, prescription drugs, pesticides and herbicides. Systems like Brita and PUR will remove some, but not all of these hazardous compounds.

The two that are the most difficult to remove, yet are arguably the most hazardous, are THMs and VOCs. THMs or trihalomethanes are cancer-causing byproducts of chemical disinfection. If you have the taste and smell of chlorine in your water, you also have THMs, although they are basically tasteless and odorless.

Constant exposure to THMs through drinking and bathing increases your risk of colorectal and bladder cancer, substantially. Researchers believe that if you also regularly swim in chlorinated pools, your risk is “unacceptable".

But, don't give up the pool. Simply buy a good kitchen and showerhead system. That will get the risk back under control. Many pool keepers are now using chlorine alternatives, to reduce the production of THMs.

If your water faucet filtration device does not remove VOCs, you are also at risk. VOCs are volatile organic compounds. There are a large number of them. Some, like benzene, are carcinogenic. Others, like perchlorate, damage the function of the thyroid gland. Both are commonly found in publicly treated tap water. Sometimes, the source is industrial pollution, but they are also naturally occurring.

Water faucet filtration devices from PUR, Brita, Clean & Pure and a number of other popular brands remove chlorine, but not THMs or VOCs. Expensive devices that include a reverse osmosis step, like those from Ever-Pure can remove them, but the reverse osmosis step is unnecessary and $800 is not a cost-effective choice for an under the kitchen counter purification unit.

For around a hundred dollars, you can get a multi-stage selective filtration device that will remove all of the things mentioned in the second paragraph. That's what I consider “cost effective". You protect your health and save money at the same time.

Now, remember to leave your kitchen water faucet filtration system in the “on" position when you are gathering water for cooking or cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables. During cooking, chemical contaminants like THMs become airborne and contaminate the indoor air of your home. Fresh fruits and vegetables can become contaminated with cysts, which causes a generally mild illness, but it some cases it's deadly.

THMs and VOCs become airborne in the shower. Chlorine vapors trigger asthma attacks and aggravate other health conditions. That's why you need a showerhead system.

But, if you make the right choices home water faucet filtration is far more affordable than any other option. Hope this helps you make that choice.

Dominic Anderton is a dedicated reseacher on the health benefits of purified drinking and bath water. Visit his site now at to get the facts on how to choose the best water faucet filtration system.


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