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How Effective Are Reverse Osmosis Water Units?

Tyler Waterman

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Many people think that reverse osmosis systems offer the cleanest water you can get. While these systems do produce water that is significantly safer than tap water, there are more effective systems available that not only offer purer water, but cheaper water as well.

Reverse osmosis systems work by passing water through a porous membrane designed to keep out any particles that are larger than a water molecule. This is effective at removing lead and certain other contaminants, but also filters out natural minerals such as magnesium that are needed by the human body to maintain health.

This filtering system is insufficient, however, so the reverse osmosis system then has to send the water through a carbon filter in an attempt to remove the chemicals left behind, such as pesticides. By the time this process has produced one gallon of viable water, it has wasted two gallons. This is extremely inefficient and leaves you with a cost of twenty or more cents per gallon.

Multi stage water filter systems do something that reverse osmosis water units do not. They efficiently offer safe, healthy water complete with necessary minerals for around only ten cents a gallon. The monetary savings are enough to make people sit up and take notice, but it is the water quality that should truly have your attention. Multi stage water units offer the cleanest and purest water available by using a patented dual filtering process.

When you take into account that the majority of your body is comprised of water and that every process your body undergoes, from circulation to energy production requires both water and healthy mineral levels, the reason these systems were created becomes evident. Reverse osmosis systems simply can not match up to a multi stage filtering system.

When it comes to healthy drinking water for you and your family, why settle for clean looking water when you can get water that is truly free of pesticides and all of the other many chemicals and carcinogens that are in our tap water that most filters simply cannot remove?

If you are considering getting a reverse osmosis water system, I urge you to take a look at multi stage systems. They are significantly cheaper per gallon, produce far less waste, and have easy to replace filters that are rather inexpensive. In addition, the benefits to you health are something that no amount of money can buy.

By drinking mineralized water, you are giving your body what it has been encoded to expect from water, and administering it in a form that is easy to metabolize. Reverse osmosis water units were once the best units available, but with multi stage filters now on the market and available at affordable prices, it is time you considered making a change.

Learn about the Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis and which House Water Filter can provide you and your family with an endless supply of healthy and pure water.

Tyler Waterman is a health enthusiast and enjoys sharing his experience and research with others on the internet. Visit his site for additional information on this important safe and healthy water topic.


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