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How Pure is Distilled Water, and is it Healthy?


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Homeowners are asking the question, How pure is distilled water? They want to know if distilled water is pure enough to drink and to serve to their children on a daily basis without being harmful in the long run. Many people are very concerned over recent reports of bacteria, household cleaning solutions, and even prescription drugs being found in trace amounts in our drinking water. And they should be concerned.

People who are looking for a pure water solution will want to know how pure distilled water is because it is one of the several options that are advertised as a pure water solution. You can buy distilled water for a fairly reasonable price by the gallon, or you can have a machine installed in your home to distill water for you. The machine is a much more costly choice but if the distilled water is pure then you must consider if it is the right choice.

When asking how pure is distilled water, there are some things you should be aware of. Distilled water is kept in plastic containers when you buy it by the gallon at the store. Many of these plastic containers are recycled containers, too. Plastic will eventually disintegrate and release toxic chemicals into the water. This process takes an even shorter time the more times a plastic container has been recycled. We have no idea how many times a jug has been recycled when we buy it because this information is not required to be disclosed on the label anywhere. So when you purchase distilled water that is advertised as being pure, you are taking the chance that the water is no longer pure because of the plastic that contains it.

When you want to know how pure is distilled water, are you also asking how healthy is distilled water? Water has minerals added to it that makes it healthy for you, and that makes it taste good. The distillation process removes all of these minerals before the water gets to you. If you drink the daily recommended amount of water to be healthy, and you are drinking distilled water, you are not actually getting the minerals that are a part of that daily recommendation. The water is not as healthy for you once it has been distilled and labeled as pure. And it doesn't taste as good either.

Distillation is no longer your only choice to clean up your drinking water. There are pure water solutions now that use technology like reverse osmosis to clean the harmful bacteria and other trace elements out of the water before you drink it. Some of these pure water solutions are portable and inexpensive, others are permanent and cost more. But even the more expensive options will save you money over time once you stop buying bottled distilled water. It is estimated that you can save more than $1,000 every year using the available pure water solutions.

The next time you ask how pure is distilled water, take a look at all of your pure water solutions and instead ask yourself how healthy is your water and what can you do to make it healthier.

Arnel Huds is a health advocate/researcher who looks at top quality products and will let people know when something is worthy of looking at further. Do you know which product is currently being used by thousands of people wanting pure water, and why. Is it really as good as they say, take a look at


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