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Which Drinking Water Purification System is Best For Your Kids?


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Public drinking water treatment systems help protect us from waterborne illnesses, carried by bacteria and other microscopic life forms. But, to get complete protection, you need a point of use drinking water purification system for your home. Here's why.

Public providers are required to meet governmental regulations concerning contaminant levels in the waters they provide. But, the governments are slow to take action. Sometimes, facilities are fined for years, before any improvement is seen. In some cases, they have been known to forge test results, throw out tests that are too high and avoid testing during times of the year when contaminant levels spike; usually the warmer months of the year.

But, even when public drinking water treatment systems make great efforts, contaminants are still present. Those maximum contaminant levels were determined by evaluating how much of a substance would be toxic to a 175 pound adult. So, there is no consideration for smaller adults or children.

The evaluations assume that only one toxin will be ingested at any one time, while scientists warn that the presence of two or more increases the toxicity exponentially. That's one reason that you need a drinking water purification system in your home. But, there's more.

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that cysts (microscopic organisms in an early stage of development) may be present in any public supply and even in bottled brands. Cysts cause flu-like illnesses that can be deadly in the elderly, small children and those who are suffering or recovering from another illness.

The EPA says that public drinking water treatment systems cannot guarantee cyst removal and they don't test for them regularly. Cryptosporidium, for example, was recently found in a Texas supply. Several years ago, an outbreak in Milwaukee, Wisconsin killed over 100 people. More recently, in the Colorado area, thousands became ill.

It is a simple matter to install a drinking water purification system that removes cysts. You don't have to buy expensive bottled water and you don't have to install an expensive reverse osmosis purifier.

The best drinking water purification system is one that includes a carbon and multi-media block with a submicron porous structure to remove chemicals and toxins, as well as giardia and cryptosporidium cysts.

There are many drinking water treatment systems on the market and you have to shop carefully to avoid being ripped off. Make sure that the company provides product performance data, before you buy.

Look for a drinking water purification system that is certified to remove chlorine, THMs, lead, cysts, benzene, Atrazine, alachlor, TCE, MTBE, lindane and VOCs. Brands like PUR, Brita and Clean & Pure do not remove all of those toxins and health hazards.

Reverse osmosis only removes cysts and reduces lead. It doesn't remove any of the chemical contaminants. The best home drinking water treatment systems can be purchased for around a hundred bucks and the cost of use is less than a dime per gallon. You could save thousands of dollars per year by not buying bottled and have something safer to drink.

William Manning has spent the last 3 years focused on the deteriorating condition of the water supply and how that affects human health and well-being. Visit his water purification site at to discover which water purification system he uses and recommends.


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The Hidden Truth About Drinking Water Purification Systems and Healthy Water
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