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Drinking Water Safety - Amazing Facts Parents Should Know


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How much do you know about public drinking water safety? What do you know about the health hazards that are flowing out of your drinking water faucets? Let me give you some information that will help protect your long term health and could save your life.

For many years, the major concern was chlorine. It tasted bad and smelled bad. I grew up in the country and I remember the first time that I tasted “city-water". It was disgusting, so I never drank it again.

That was when I became interested in drinking water safety. I started reading about chlorine and the reason for its use. It is used primarily to prevent outbreaks of waterborne illnesses like cholera and dysentery. But, it is a caustic chemical and we pay the price.

It is so caustic that it will even corrode your drinking water faucets and pipes. If you live in an older home, lead may have been used to solder copper piping and joints together. As chlorine passes by those joints, some of the lead breaks off and ends up in your glass.

The heavy metal builds up in the human body over time, causing chronic health problems, like high blood pressure, heart disease and malnutrition. In children, lead consumption causes learning disabilities, behavioral problems and irreversible brain damage.

Lead and chlorine are just two of the reasons that you need a filtration system on all of your drinking water faucets. There are literally thousands of others. A speech on drinking water safety can last for hours.

Books have been written on the subject. Respected chemists, scientists, researchers and doctors warn about the health problems caused by the toxins coming out of our drinking water faucets.

THMs or trihalomethanes are a group of compounds released during the chlorination process. They include chloroform gas, a neurotoxin and probable human carcinogen. There are measurable levels of chloroform gas in homes around the country. The cause is showering and bathing in unfiltered waters.

All of the THMs are toxic and constant exposure increases one's risk of cancer. If your facility provides a regular drinking water safety report, you will see THMs listed as TTHMs or total trihalomethanes. There are legal limits for the amount that can be present at the facility, but there is no way to determine how high those levels grow as water passes through the pipes and enters your home.

Independent researchers have taken samples from the drinking water faucets in homes and offices around the country, in an effort to determine Atrazine levels, an herbicide. Treatment facilities test for them, but not during the spring and summer months when farmers and lawn care professionals are spraying.

Atrazine also increases your risk of cancer and levels were found to be extremely high in the Midwest and the Eastern United States. The weed killer has been banned by the European Union, in an effort to protect their citizens.

No matter where you live, investing in a filtration device for your home is the only way to insure complete drinking water safety. Be sure to shop for quality and compare performance, before you buy.

William Manning has spent the last 3 years focused on the deteriorating condition of the water supply and how that affects human health and well-being. Visit his water purification site at to discover which water purification system he uses and recommends.


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How to Ensure Your Drinking Water Safety
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