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New Water Filtration Materials


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Water filtration has come a long way over the years and new methods of filtration are coming up everyday. New water filter materials are being invented in a bid to convert the water we have into a potable commodity. Many countries that suffer from water shortage including the United States are now able to produce water that is safe to drink from water that was previously contaminated by a variety of undesirable compounds including salt.

One of the new technologies in water filtration is membrane filtration. Membrane filtration is able to remove parasites like Giardia and Cyrptosporidium that are resistant to chlorine as well as bacteria. Even if the initial water sample is highly contaminated, membrane filtration is able to produce potable water that is purer than deep artesian well water, or water from unspoiled reservoirs. Membrane filtration is an excellent water filtration material for locales that have to treat salt water. Some of these include Texas, Florida and California.

Membrane filtration's growing demand is driven by Federal regulations that are becoming increasingly stringent on water drawn from surface sources for human consumption. Demand for this new water filtration method is also high in the Middle East where water is produced through the desalination of ocean water. They are now being used increasingly to clean water for domestic and industrial use.

Another new water filtration system in the market is Ultrazur 450. This new system uses Nylatron M AQS as the base product to filter water. The reason it was selected was that it is high in mechanical strength, corrosion resistant and lightweight. Nylatron M AQS is compliant with FDA regulations and is a certified product for water contact. One of these filtration units is able to process water at a rate of 10,000m³ per day. This filtration system has columns containing membranes of acetate fiber. Untreated water is then pumped up the columns and purified water exits at the top. This is done continuously and includes phases of retro rinsing. The nylon material used is made by a casting process.

A third new water filtration method is using a magnetic unit. Water is passed over a magnetic field, which rearranges the atoms in it. This does not however split the water ions. The magnetic unit is used to turn hard water into soft water. This also binds chemicals in the water making it safe to drink. The disadvantage with this method is that the water must be consumed quickly or it will revert to its previous hard state.

Additional new materials are Far Infra Red Systems, which are a natural energy form and are used to make water soft. They also charge it negatively and break it into small molecules that help hydrate the body. Catalytic conversion water filters take heavy metals, pollutants, viruses and chlorine and convert them into an oxidized form that is harmless.

There is much to be said about the new inventions. Moreover, with the environmental decay of surface water creating a water shortage crisis new material will be discovered for water filtration.

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