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The Ultimate Solution to Pure Drinking Water - A Water Filtration System

Tyler Waterman

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What do you do for drinking water or cooking water at home? You either resort to getting a supply of bottled water or you would probably boil tap water every time you need it. Have you considered the option of using filtered water? The first two options are not viable as often they are either too expensive or too cumbersome. Thus you are left with third choice that is to get your own filtered water. Of course in this respect there are several companies you could consult. But given the extreme demands, these things are being manufactured day by day, thereby leaving you confused which product to trust?

Here is where we can step in and make your choice a little easier by suggesting a few things which might explain the necessity of a drinking water filter system at your own home. Water filter system was once upon considered to be luxury consumption but a time has come that requires them to be regular consumer durables. There is a lot of consideration to be made regarding the capacity of the system. You need to know the longevity and the cost of maintenance. In the course of explaining our case to you we will pick the two chief opponents of our proposition-tap water and boiled water to prove our case.

Regarding Bottled Water

Bottled water being the first opponent can never be the answer because all the advertisement of bottled water is actually mineral water and most of the times is mere eye wash in advertisement. Also your expenses grow up steadily with the usage of bottled water.

Regarding Tap Water

We definitely subscribe to improvements. Thus we definitely have no problem with admitting to the fact that tap water has, for all we know , improved immensely from what it used to be in Charles Dickens’ England. Tap water which used to be a regular source of germs of diseases like cholera has now become worthy of trust even when it comes without boiling. Our municipal corporations do execute the filtering to near perfection with all the chlorine they want to add.

Given the fact that most of our city municipal corporations are nowadays celebrating their centenaries, we can safely conclude that over the last hundred years or so, tap water has seen itself through from being dirty to being free of disease causing germs. This also is an indicator of the technological changes that have gone in to tap water filtration.

But, what has changed over the last hundred years is not only the filtration technology but also the composition of contaminants. Modern day filtration blunders can be often cited. Obviously the world in these last hundred years has become a dirtier place to live in with thousands of new chemical wastes and synthetic elements seeping into your daily water consumption. The earth does not manufacture water and thus all our water has now to be freed of such new contaminants. A proof of this would be the recent study of 29 U. S. cities which showed pesticide content on all their water supplies. The fact that chlorine is also suspected and is considered by many scientists as a carcinogenic substance is also not unknown to many. Our second opponent also loses out thus.

With such new inclusions obviously a public water filter system cannot keep up. Thus the constant demands for a drinking water filter system in your own house.

If you have not got it yet, we have made a successful case for the usage of a drinking water filter system. Now buying them is not easy. There are various techniques going into filtration. Some of these would be ultra-violet treatment, activated carbon and reverse osmosis. But of course each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best way to go about choosing a water filter system would be to choose one which makes optimal use of one or many techniques without filtering out the necessary minerals. This being the most important thing to keep in mind, you can now go look for your dream drinking water filter system.

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Tyler Waterman is a health enthusiast and enjoys sharing his experience and research with others on the internet. Visit his site for additional information on this important safe and healthy water topic.


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