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Riding the Storm Out With Tap Water Filtration Systems

Tyler Waterman

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Water is one of the main substances we need for our survival and overall healthy. If this vital resource becomes contaminated, it has life or death implications. That's why you see more and more tap water filtration systems and whole house water filters on the market.

Water is not only essential for us, but it's a fundamental natural resource sustaining wildlife and the environment. But as you see more and more dangerous storms like Katrina or Hanna, these events can further affect our world. In fact, after a storm or flood, our water can actually become lethal. Tap water filtration systems can help consumers from becoming sick after a major natural catastrophe.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all drinking water contains small amounts of contaminants. Under normal conditions, the presence of these contaminants does not pose an immediate health risk through our drinking water. But after any type of major storm, experts say consumers should take safety precautions before exposure to, or drinking, any type of water.

"Floodwater is frequently contaminated with septic waste, oil and construction debris" says John Drengenberg of the Underwriters Laboratories. It's important for consumers to be aware of these dangers and take proper safety measures to help ensure their family's well-being.

Why consumers should install tap water filtration systems before a storm occurs:

A storm or a flood can increase the risk of waterborne bacterial contaminations in water.

This includes fecal coliform, E. coli. The presence of such bacteria indicates that animal or human waste could be in your water.

The runoff from rainstorm or hurricane water can flow directly into a storm sewer system. As the runoff flows, the water picks up dirt, pollutants, debris and an array of chemical substances.

Contaminated storm water is untreated as it enters a storm sewer system. This water is then mixed into drinking water supplies.

Water experts suggest that tap water filtration systems can greatly reduce your risk of taking in this harmful storm water. The next step you need to take is getting a proper system for your needs. You can get a system that filters all of your water. Such a product is called a point-of-entry filter, which typically is installed on your water service pipe.

Still, many consumers simply choose tap water filtration systems to treat their drinking water. These units are very convenient since they have under the sink attachments or sit nicely on your countertop.

Whatever system you decide to get for your home, give it serious consideration before the next storm swirls into your area.

Learn more about Tap Water Filtration Systems and Home Water Purifiers today.

Tyler Waterman is a health enthusiast and enjoys sharing his experience and research with others on the internet. Visit his site for additional information on this important safe and healthy water topic.

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