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All About Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering Systems


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There are several ways to cleanse and remove harmful chemicals and other contaminants from water for safe human consumption. However, some methods have not shown to be quite as effective as before as smaller materials have also been discovered such as pharmaceuticals, drugs and other minerals. Reverse osmosis water filtering systems aim to make water purer than ever.

Getting a Water Analysis

Reverse osmosis water filtering systems have different prices depending on your current needs and quality of water. A water analysis will help you choose the right device that suits your home. The basic system is composed of controls, high pressure pump and motor, membrane and housing, 3 flow meters, 2 pressure gauges, 3 control valves, a low pressure switch, mounting skid and conductivity monitor. Some models may also include other features made up of quality materials like stainless steel or ceramic to prevent corrosion, leaks and other service problems.

Whole house reverse osmosis water filtering systems have flows lower than the one leading to the house. You will then need a pump, holding and bladder or pressure tank to direct water into the house. Water with high calcium concentrations or requiring major well water recovery needs to be softened by removing calcium and magnesium which causes water hardness. A polymer addition system is a great alternative to water softeners since it is more affordable but requires more work.

Who Can Benefit?

People can expect to pay anywhere between $6,000 to $15,000 to supply and fit plus minimal fees maintenance costs. Reverse osmosis is considered by many experts as the most useful means of getting rid of chemicals and other small substances that cannot effectively be eradicated by traditional methods. The process removes all bacteria, viruses, protozoa, heavy metals from the water up to a 90% to 95% rate. It also takes away much of the beneficial minerals required for good health like potassium and magnesium.

Other Components

Aside from the basic supply and fit set up, you will need a water storage and repressurization system so that you can get the right amounts of water anytime during the day. Storage tanks become highly useful during emergency situations so you can always expect to have clean water.

The required pressure, size of the tank and flow rate will determine the cost of the repressurization system and water storage. You can also make use of a water softener and standard water analysis to determine how well the system has cleansed and purified your water. A polymer addition system can be installed at a small fee.

Looking for the Right Type

Compared to other systems like filtration, distillation, etc, reverse osmosis is the only method known to take out harmful pharmaceuticals that have been discovered by agencies in recent years. People can become sick after years of consuming trace chemicals. Added risks are placed due to the possible interaction of several drugs taken in small amounts such as birth control pills, anti-seizures, anti-cholesterol medications, antihypertensives, etc.

Although the process only treats about 5% to 15% of the water that is taken in, the resulting water is the cleanest available, completely free of any impurities. Look for systems that have thoroughly been tested so that you only get the most durable and competent one. The price of units will vary depending on the manufacturer, size, model and additional components and features.

Peter Patterson is a water filter specialist and contributes to The Truth About Water Filters . Visit this site to learn more about reverse osmosis water filtering systems and how you can have clean and safe water in your home.


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