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Compare Water Purification Devices - Which System is Best For You?


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Water purification devices use one or more methods to cleanse and rid water of toxins and other harmful agents to make it safe for human use and consumption. The quality of water in your area as well as the amount you need on a daily basis need to be considered to know which unit will best serve your home. Find out more about the various options and capabilities of the products.

The Common Options

Filtered water pitchers and travel bottles are two of the most common and most affordable water purification devices available. These can filter out lead and chlorine but other particles and types of microorganisms may still require thorough cleansing. A lot of home systems use filtration at least in the beginning of a multi-stage process to thoroughly purify water.

Distillation is another process incorporated which takes out more harmful agents and microorganisms. Reverse osmosis is also shown to be very effective in getting rid of pharmaceuticals and bacteria. These however, have the disadvantage of taking out beneficial minerals or demineralizing water. A reverse osmosis water purification device can remove cysts and lead while distillation can take out most bacteria and parasites. One or both of these processes are usually incorporated in some systems at a lower operating cost.

What Multi-Stage Means

Since there are so many contaminants that can be found in drinking water supplies in varying sizes, quantities and concentrations, multi-stage purification devices will serve your needs best since these focus on eliminating both chemical and biological particles. These types of systems use multiple filters in a single closed unit and get rid of different contaminants in a sequential order. The result of the complimentary mechanism would be purer water.

The system will most likely include an activated granular carbon filter to take out the dangerous effects of chlorine. A multi-block unit follows to remove all chemical contaminant dangers. A sub-micron filter takes away biological threats like bacteria and parasites which are immune to chlorine disinfection methods used in treatment plants. An ion exchange unit is also used to correct the charges of particles and provide the freshest and purest water possible.

About Point-of-Use

Large treatment plants cannot fully provide you with the safest and healthiest water which makes a point-of-use water purification device very useful. Water bottles are not the most ideal option since bottling companies do not usually incorporate water purification techniques but instead only check for the presence of contaminants. Families get to save more by investing in home systems that cater to regular activities like bathing, cooking and drinking.

Point-of-use (POU) water purification devices are also known as portable water purification devices which render unchlorinated water safe for drinking or potable. Municipal water can further be treated to improve taste, odor and appearance as well as remove chlorine and heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Investing in Home Systems

Getting water from clean natural mountain springs that have thoroughly been tested is the only way you can be sure that pesticides, disinfectants, heavy metals, herbicides, drugs, hormones and other carcinogenic chemicals are absent. Several studies have shown that surface and bottled water actually contain a lot of different contaminants even after being treated in plants. You have to invest in home purification devices to rid of all known contaminants while keeping the good minerals for health.

Peter Patterson is a water filter specialist and contributes to The Truth About Water Filters . Visit this site to learn more about water purification devices and how you can have clean and safe water in your home.


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