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Does Reverse Osmosis Make Water Safe to Drink - Here Are Some Startling Facts

Juanita Ruby

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Today we are going to go over the large number of disadvantages of reverse osmosis. People are constantly asking me, does reverse osmosis make water safe to drink? Despite what you may have been led to believe, no it does not.

The disadvantages of reverse osmosis are obvious even at the level of the water treatment facilities. The R. O. system was originally designed for de-mineralizing water for industrial purposes, and was recruited to clean up our water supplies a few years later. People were dying in large numbers from waterborne diseases, and R. O. was the only answer that we had.

So am I backtracking on my answer to does reverse osmosis make water safe to drink? Absolutely not, it simply makes water safer to drink than if we had no filter at all. The water treatment facilities and the EPA both have stated that with the number of contaminants still in the water after treatment that we should switch to bottled or buy a home purification system.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the disadvantages of reverse osmosis. The EPA and the treatment facilities don't even believe in the system's ability to make our drinking water safe. To better clarify exactly why they feel this way, allow me to explain.

R. O. systems were designed strictly for de-mineralization, which means that they remove silt and sediment from our drinking water and nothing more. The porous filters that are used are only capable of removing contaminants that have great molecular density than the water that carries them. Does reverse osmosis make water safe to drink? Not with that kind of limitation.

All chemical matter that is in the water that is in a liquefied state passes directly through the membrane filter, and is carried by the water to your home. This is not the only problem that we face. Another of the disadvantages of reverse osmosis is that it also cannot stop biological matter that is microscopic in size.

You see, despite chlorine disinfection many microbes live on. Parasites and bacteria that are immune to the chlorine's disinfectant power pass on to you for ingestion. This can lead a person to severe intestinal distress, and to the very old, young, or the immune impaired it could lead to much worse.

Does reverse osmosis make water safe to drink? Not with the number of limitations that you've seen here. Additional filtering is required in order to end the risk that we face from the impurities in the water that R. O. is not sufficiently able to handle. That is why the EPA and the treatment facilities are telling you to purchase a home water purification system.

As you can see, the disadvantages of reverse osmosis are many. I would certainly never depend on a home R. O. system to adequately protect my family from the hundreds of impurities in our reservoirs, and neither should you. Purchase a quality home water purification system today, and guarantee that your family will remain healthy and happy.

Juanita Ruby is passionate about health. She knows our bodies contain 70% water, thus the quality of our water greatly affects our health. Visit her website at to discover which water purification system she trusts for her family's health.


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