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How Pure is Distilled Water?

Juanita Ruby

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With controversy rising over the safety of bottled water many people are asking the question, “How pure is distilled water?" I am going to attempt to answer this question and I am going to offer you a pure water solution that will ease all your worries.

It has been reported that as much as 40% of all bottled water is nothing more than ordinary unfiltered tap water. The fact that the distribution companies advertise their product as “pure" is nothing more than mocking the consumers that the companies rely on to stay in business. If regular bottled water is this bad, then how pure is distilled water?

First let's talk about what distilled water actually is. Distillation was once considered a pure water solution, because there were no other purification methods available. This practice of purification dates back to the Babylonians in the second millennium B. C.

The way that distillation works is that water is put in a large vat and is heated to a boil. As the boiling water evaporates, the steam is carried through tubes to a holding tank where the vapor returns to its normal liquid state. So, how pure is distilled water?

Distilled water is not to be confused with pure water. Much of the chemical content found in today's water evaporates at a faster rate than the water itself, thereby it is also transported into the cooling tank along with the other vapor. The water is primarily just de-mineralized by the distillation process; it is hardly purified.

One pure water solution that the distilling companies could use would be to utilize granular activated carbon and multi block filters on their vacuum tubes. This method would at least remove the chemical content of the water, which would at least make it a little bit healthier to drink. So, why do I say “a little bit healthier?"

Because the water would still be de-mineralized, and we need the minerals naturally found in water in order to maintain healthy bodily function. Without these naturally occurring minerals our bodies will begin to experience deficiencies. I still haven't completely answered the question how pure is distilled water, but I'll get back to that in a minute.

A pure water solution that would fix the de-mineralization problem would be to add an ion exchange filter to the other two filters listed above. What this would do is capture other impurities in the water such as lead and copper, and it would exchange them for sodium and potassium. This method puts two of the most needed electrolytes back into our drinking water.

So, how pure is distilled water? Distillation is a very old, very crude method of purification, which was adequate in the days when we did not have the number of chemical contaminants that we have in the water today. There is a pure water solution to end your need for clean drinking water though.

Since the answer to how pure is distilled water is not very, I suggest that you purchase a home water purification system that makes use of the filters that I mentioned above - the granulated carbon, ion exchange, and multi block or sub micron filtration. Then you would never again have to worry about the purity and safety of your drinking water.

Juanita Ruby is passionate about health. She knows our bodies contain 70% water, thus the quality of our water greatly affects our health. Visit her website at to discover which water purification system she trusts for her pure water solution.


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