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Ceramic Water Filtration - An Evaluation


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Ceramic water filtration was a system originally devised by the Guatemalan chemist Dr. Fernando Mazareigos. It uses the filtering capacity of the porous ceramic material along with the powerful anti biotic catalyst, colloidal silver. The porous nature of ceramic sifts out the soil and other impurities present in water while the colloidal silver chokes most of the pathogens in the water by rendering their oxygen mechanisms inactive.

The porous element of the ceramic filter is composed of Diatomaceous earth, which is made of fossils of hard-shelled algae called Diatoms. This Diatomaceous earth dehydrates germs to kill them. . . and that about sums up the capabilities of ceramic water filtration units.

Before you run away with the idea and decide this is the filter you need to protect your family, read on: ceramic water filtration may seem to give your water optimal protection from all kinds of microbial invasions, but what about the various chemicals that are daily being dumped into our water sources by the rapid industrialization, and insensible individuals who dispose of harmful drugs and other wastes in our lakes and creeks?

Ceramic filters do not have any significant effect on the chemical contaminants present in water. Basically, they can save you from cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid and other such maladies but when it comes to slow lead poisoning, or the presence of fluoride or even hormones from any medicine contaminating your water, there is little to no protection on offer. In fact, the chances are strong enough that other subsidiary chemical compounds may be formed which can be injurious to our health.

So, the dilemma remains; what is the best way to keep your loved ones safe from water-borne ailments? The best option among water purification methods would be one which removes all pollutants, be it microbes or chemicals, while at the same time not depriving us of the essential mineral elements that our bodies need for proper functioning. Water minus these minerals would be as bad as tap water.

Carbon filtering, with both powdered block filters and granular activated filters, fits the bill much better than the ceramic filters. This system eradicates the volatile organic compounds, chlorine and sediments while it also improves the water's taste and eliminates the problem of bad smell. These filters can achieve optimal purification capacity if reinforced by infusing it with silver, which acts as an effective and powerful anti-bacterial agent.

The onus falls on the buyer in the end though; the cheaper ceramic filter offers some protection, but is it enough? In the end, perhaps a healthy life for the family is what makes spending more for a thorough filter more appealing.

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